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Zombies are the once living Sims of a city which have come back from the dead. Zombies have a bluish tint to their skin, and generally wander around at a slow pace. Although zombies have long been part of The Sims series, zombies only made their first appearance in SimCity 4.

SimCity 4


Zombies and spirits

SimCity 4 is the first game in the SimCity series which features zombies during gameplay. Zombies will only spawn inside cemeteries during the night, and will disappear automatically. Without the use of mods or cheats, it is impossible to spawn in zombies, nor is it possible to make them disappear.

If emergency services are dispatched to the cemetery, nothing will happen, as the zombies are simply an animation, and are not considered to be a disaster. However, even with cheats it is impossible to spawn zombies on streets or elsewhere aside from the cemetery.

Zombies in SimCity 4 are just for aesthetic value, and do not add to or hinder gameplay. Several UDI missions revolve around the zombies, but completing them will not affect the occurrence of them.


  • Sims mourning at gravestones don't react to the zombies or spirits, nor do pedestrians who are passing by.
  • Zombies are some of the only Sim animations rendered with 3D graphics, with other major ones being the crime animations at crime scenes. 

SimCity Societies

Zombies make an appearance in SimCity Societies, although the play a different role than its predecessor. Unlike SimCity 4, zombies have a part in actual gameplay and are generated from certain actions by the player.

SimCity (2013)

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In SimCity (2013), zombies are now part of a disaster called zombie attack

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