Wren Insurance

Wren Insurance as it appears in the game

The Wren Insurance is a growable -Stage 7 High Wealth Commercial Office building (CO §§§) that appeared in SimCity 4.

This building has a striking resemblance to the Shell Building, an Art Deco skyscraper built in 1929 located in San Francisco, CA. Similarity to Quigley Insurance from SC3K owes to the Shell Building, whose architects were inspired by Saarinen's Tribune Tower competition entry of a few years prior.

Much like the Boutiques, this building "grows" in groups and it is quite common (in most cases), and has a tendency to repeat, somehow dominating the virtual skyline of city during the game itself. Some players, however, found the repetition of the Wren building quite annoying, and also too unrealistic even for a SimCity game. User iamrobk from Simtropolis created a well-known Modd for the game that simply reduces the repetition of the Wren Insurance. As of January 5, 2009, this modd has more than 7,500 downloads.

This building is part of the 1940s New York style building if the mayor chooses, it is mostly likely this building will be the first skyscraper before other skyscrapers like hotels and or towers are built.


As a CO building, the Wren has a capacity of 1401 at §§§, and of 2100 at §§. The building becomes virtually "useless" (or abandoned) at § (Low Wealth).

Foreign Names

  • German: I.N. Not Versicherungen (I.N. Emergency Insurance)
  • Italian: Assicurazioni Wren (Wren Insurance)
  • French: Assurance Cassecou (Breakneck Insurance)

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