Wave power plant

The wave power plant

The wave power plant is a power plant that first appeared in the Cities of Tomorrow expansion of SimCity (2013).

It is made available after being researched at a Academy and can only be placed along a shoreline. It requires ControlNet to function, like its more powerful brethren, the fusion power plant.


  • Standard Wave Generator: Plop in water near Wave Power Plant to increase power output.
    • ControlNet usage: 500 ControlNet
    • Power generated: 30 MW
    • Cost: §45,000 Upkeep: -§400/hr
  • Advanced Wave Generator: This advanced generator produces more power than a Standard Wave Generator.
    • ControlNet usage: 2,500 ControlNet
    • Power generated: 105 MW
    • Cost: §110,000 Upkeep: -§900/hr

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