The water tower is a building that appears in most SimCity games to date. The water tower supplies water to buildings, but also has the lowest capacity out of all water pumps.

SimCity (2013)

Spark 2014-10-04 11-58-20
Pumps a decent amount of water from the water table to your city. Beware of ground pollution, which can carry sickness-transmitting germs.
  • Average water pump rate: 6 kgal/hr
  • Cost: §3,500 Upkeep: -§100

Water towers in SimCity (2013) are similar to other games in the series, as it pumps out the lowest amount of water, at 6 kilogallons per hour. It is recommended to plop a water tower as soon as the simoleons allow it, as cities in SimCity (2013) requires water (alongside power) to function.

The Cities of Tomorrow expansion also includes a variant of the water tower, the hydro pumping station, which pumps out a slightly higher amount of water, as well as futurizing nearby buildings.

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