Scarsborough-Feb. 10, 641357276119 WTPlant

Waste to Energy Plant at work.

The Waste to Energy plant, is unique from the other power plants in SimCity 4 as it does not use conventional fuel to generate electricity. Instead, it burns garbage (hence its name) and produces electricity for the city.

The power plant produces heavy pollution, so it is best advised to build them in industrial zones, or places far from residential or commercial zones.

The Waste to Energy Plant is similar to the incinerator from SimCity 3000 but also has the benefit of generating electricity.

It is found under Sanitation, separate from the menu that contains the other power plants under Utilities. Its plop or construction cost is §25,000, maintenance costs are §1,000 per month and it produces 5,000 Megawatt hours per month of electricity.


  • Although it burns trash, the city does not need a landfill in order to build one of these power plants.
  • If it is built and its funding is reduced to zero, it will continue to function, burning the cities' trash at no cost, but without providing electricity and pollution. This is useful as garbage tends to decay at an extremely slow rate, and it can be used to alleviate trash problems.
  • Garbage trucks may spawn around the plant, but they will not be unlocked in the UDI menu.
  • The incinerator module in the SimCity 2013 garbage plant is similar to the power plant, but is not as effective as this one is and does not produce any power what so ever.
  • It is not recommended to use this plant as a power source early game because of its high construction and monthly costs.

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