Vinnie is a character in SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4.

SimCity 3000

Vinnie is part of a shady ordinance in SimCity 3000. In this game, he is referred as a "cousin". Typing in the cheat "call cousin vinnie" will open up an ordinance called "Local Fundraising Event". Vinnie will offer 100,000 Simoleons for accepting the ordinance. Declining it will let the player access the Sim Castle by typing in "zyxwvu" after declining his offer.

SimCity 4

Vinnie is seen in SimCity 4 during a police mission, where the player have to deliver (or bust) his weekly protection money drop.


  • Vinnie's offer is often overlooked because the "cousin" usually refers to a status in the mafia. In SimCity 4, he is referred to as an "uncle" which may mean he moved up a status in the mafia between SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4.
  • Dr. Vu may be his more "sinister" replacement, offering missions with a hefty reward at the price of mayor rating around town, instead of one ordinance.

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