SimCity (2013) is the an upcoming city-building/urban planning simulator developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. This marks a complete reboot of the series and is the sixth major release of the SimCity series. The game has a release date of March 5th, 2013. The game will be developed within a new simulation engine called GlassBox, and will include plenty of old and new features for fans. What are some features you wish to see in this new version? Here are a few of mine. Let us know what features you'd love to see in this next installment!

1. More Future Tech
One of SimCity's many simulation features is the laying of infrastructure, whether it's power plants and lines, water treatment plants, transportation options and more. Depending on the time period, new infrastructure is able to be built. For example, in Sim City 3000 you begin with a Coal and Oil Power Plant, but can expand into Nuclear and finally Fusion Reactors. I'd love to see further future tech in this new Sim City. Imagine still unlocking new tech as your city pushes into the 2100s!
2. Recreated Real-Life Major Cities
Previous SimCity's would sometimes feature the ability to pick a real-life city to help mold, construct, and expand. It was a very entertaining feature to be able to pick a real life city and then change or mold it into whatever new direction you wanted to take it. I'd love the ability to see more real-life cities that could be included. Some could even have added objectives, such as completely overhaul the transportation system in New York, or expand the power grid in Seoul.
3. More Natural Disasters
The only thing more fun that creating a city, it's creating a city only to destroy it! Being able to summon a variety of natural disasters into your city was always an entertaining way to test the durability of your work. I'd love to see more natural disasters, and perhaps an ability to customize the strengths of each one. See how your city can handle an F1 tornado and compare it to an F5.
4. Multiplayer Features
The new SimCity allows for players to connect their cities online with other players and create a unified region of completed cities. I think this is a neat feature that could be expanded into different competitive ways. SimCity has always had simulation elements that involved the citizens of your city, including tax plans and legislation. Imagine a competitive mode that would allow for cities in the same region to compete on who has the highest property values? Or the lowest unemployment? It could be a race to see who can get closest to their own Utopia.

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