SimCity wikia in 2013!

Hello i'm Sgt Frogman One of the staff Here on the SimCity Wiki I have been here A while but due to many reason not very active but from now on I should be active daily up to and past the release of SimCity(2013)


As the release of SimCity comes closer we plan to Be the biggest source of information to players this involves creating articles on all the new features and content and branch out to also create guides and such. We would like to form a bond with Maxis/EA/Origin so we have access to the best information and can also ask question directly to the developers.

I would love to see new editors come to the wiki to help expand and grow the wiki. To do this we must welcome all new editors and reach out to SimCity fansites and communities. I would love more active editors to enable us to have editors of the week/month competition as well as promotions to Mayors and advisors.

Thank you
Thank you to all the people who have helped over 2012 I how you will continue editing with us in 2013. If you want to talk to me personally you can do so on my talk page if you want to comment on this blog you can comment below.

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