Right now, this wiki is currently in an old, decrepit shape. While this wiki is maintained- somewhat because the admins aren't very active at the moment, with only Elassint doing maintenance work.

That aside, I think we should try and get a new look for our wiki, ideally both our wordmark and wiki background. Our wordmark looks unprofessional- using an outdated SimCity 3000 logo as well as being a compressed .jpg! We already have one of the designs created by the Wikia Design Team here and here, but unfortunately it was turned down by Sgt Frogman as he preferred our current one.

What should be changed?

We should change our wordmark into a more professional-looking one, preferably based on SimCity (2013) as well as being a transparent .png, or we can try to improve our existing one, by creating a (preferably) lossless transparent .png version. Our wiki background is fairly workable, though we should get a version that looks more tailored to the wiki. Our main page works just fine, though it could benefit from some optimizing.

And what should we do?

I think we should either contact the Wikia Community Development Team once again and ask them to design a new theme for our wiki, as they've helped us after SimCity (2013)'s release, or we can consider using the already-designed theme they created for us back in 2013.

Any thoughts? EpicJoyBoy (My talk page!) 08:38, June 20, 2014 (UTC)

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