Some of you may have noticed that items no longer stack to x10 in the Trade Depot, or that the Advertise time has increased from 3hrs to 12hrs, and the time to re-advertise has been decreased to 3mins. Interestingly, I couldn't find information about this change on any official EA/SimCity BuildIt channels, but I did find this mini-update posted on Reddit/SCBuildIt.

"The largest bundle of items that can fit in one Trade Depot slot has been reduced, as players have been frustrated when only needing a few of certain items; they’ve accidentally spent more Simoleons on a bigger bundle than they intended to; or the purchase has failed if they didn’t have enough space in their City Storage.[1]

We know that this might change the way you trade, so to make sure you can still sell as much as before:

  • The time an item is advertised for has been increased by 300%: from 3 hours to a huge 12 hours!
  • The wait for ‘free advertising’ time has been reduced by 40%!"


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