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  • Ccrogers15

    Notice to Trolls

    May 11, 2013 by Ccrogers15

    Please stop trying to destroy this wiki. This wiki has members who worked hard on it. If your angry at EA for that god awful new simcity game, go on their forums and express your hatred. This wiki is not at all official and not affiliated with the series, maxis or EA. So stop. Your lucky im not an admin or id perma ban you. I do it all the time to trolls like you on my Furby Wiki and Obscure Wiki.

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  • Ccrogers15

    Its not what you think. Simcity 4 cant be played *online*, but you can coop with people.

    Visit our group here:

    You need:

    1. Dropbox

    2. Simcity 4 AND Rush hour.

    3. Windows Vista or 7

    All you need to do is ask one of us and we can tell you how. In real time, people can share 1 region due to the power of dropbox. Check it out!

    Here is our region at the moment.

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