Titan Gorge Region
This massive region features sixteen diverse city sites grouped into four clusters. Titan Gorge runs down the heart of the valley, ending at a bulge in the Reposado River. A soaring rail trestle spans the wide gap between two expansive plateaus.

Titan Gorge is one of the regions featured in SimCity (2013).[1] It has 16 city sites and 4 great work sites.

City sites

  • Conestoga Crossing
This site is rich in water with a smattering of raw ore deposits. The Reposado River snakes through this site, supporting Global Market trading.
  • Pioneer Plains
A generous crude oil reservoir has long lured would-be oil barons to this grassy site. Expansive plains provide plenty of room to build a sprawling city.
  • Frontier Fields
This site has deep deposits of crude oil waiting to be pumped dry. A railroad provides convenient shipping for industrial cities.
  • Settler's Rest
The banks of the Reposado River wind through a corner of this site, providing a spot for distributing the crude oil or raw ore from the deposits under this site.

  • Wrangler's Rest
Abundant coal and raw ore make this an ideal location for a metals business. Winds flowing across this plain provide plenty of fuel for wind power.
  • Painted Point
A beautiful view of Titan Gorge and underground mineral deposits make this a popular place to live and work.
  • Palomino
This windswept plateau was home to a horse ranch that would ship horses on the railroad that runs through the site. Small deposits of raw ore are scattered through this site.
  • Mustang Run
The windy expanses of this site hide ample deposits of coal. The railroad running along this site provides a connection to the Global Market.

  • Placer Vista
This site provides breathtaking views of the gorge, the former site of a placer mine. A sizable coal deposit serves as a foundation for a mining operation.
  • Claim Overlook
Beautiful, steep views of Titan Gorge make for a scenic community. The petrified forest in this site surrounds plentiful coal and raw ore deposits.
  • Nugget Plateau
Scant coal and raw ore deposits provide a challenge for new mayors, but the vast plains of this site allow for plenty of expansion. Strong breezes and warm weather make this an ideal retirement community.
  • Prospect
This ore claim has mostly run dry, but there are still coal deposits waiting to be mined. Heavy winds provide a convenient source of power.

  • Pinewood Hills
Gently rolling hills cover this wide plain. An underground river of oil provides a choice for location for a drilling operation. An inlet of the Reposado River connects this site to the river.
  • Cedargates
An old shipping rail runs through this site and can be used to ship the crude oil extracted from the bursting oil reservoir in this site.
  • Mesquite
The Reposado River curves around this site, occupying a significant chunk of the area. Oil deposits somehow resist the flow of the river.
  • Hickory Ridge
The scenic views from this hillside gap entice the wealthy to develop on this site, but the roadwork necessary to build here present a challenge.


All the cities have something to do with what is traditionally considered the "western" United States:

  • The first group of four cities relate to the settling of the frontier.
  • The second group of four has to do with wrangling.
  • The third group of four has to do with the gold rush.
  • The final group has to do with trees found in the west, two of which are used for barbecuing.
  • Reposado River, mentioned in the overview, shares a name with a category of tequila, which fits into the western/southwestern theme of the region.