Timbuktu is a pre-made region available in SimCity 4. It is a starting region, and 5 tutorial cities are pre-built in the region to guide new players into learning the tools available. Tutorials include:

Mayors can choose to continue building these cities in addition to starting a new city on a blank tile. They can also delete tutorial cities and use those plots to build their own cities.


  • The region is probably based on the real life location Timbuktu in the West African nation Mali.
  • Even with the 'Show City Name' option unchecked, the tutorial city names will still appear.
  • Along with London and Berlin, it is one of the only regions with pre-built cities incorporated in the region.
  • Although it serves as a tutorial region, gameplay does not differ from other regions, and tutorial cities can be skipped.
  • Unlike many other regions, the Timbuktu region does not contain any large plots; only medium-sized and small-sized city plots can be found there.

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