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Taxis spawned around the airport.

Taxis are a form of transportation available in the SimCity series. Taxis usually spawn only around rail stations and airports, although occasionally they can be seen elsewhere in the city. You can unlock taxis by constructing an airport in your city, and there are missions available that revolve around the taxi. These missions can be good or bad, but they can be started by clicking the mission indicator above the vehicle, or clicking the taxi icon while a yellow band surrounds it. In SimCity 4, there are three different taxis that you can drive, although all three are the same, with the exception of vehicle livery (most likely to depict different taxi companies).

Like its real-life counterpart, the taxi is not a form of mass transit and taxis are usually run by private companies, therefore, taxi fares will not be included into your mass transit taxation panel. Taxis in the game are simply for aesthetic value, as they do not transport passengers, and sims do not use taxis as a method of transportation.


Controls for the taxi are fairly standard, the arrow keys (or the W,A,S,D keys) are used to navigate the vehicle, and the 'Space' key activates the horn. As with all land-based vehicles, 'Shift' allows the player to snap their vehicle onto the road, a feature that is extremely useful especially in areas that make it difficult to see the road.


  • Although taxis spawn around the railway station and sometimes other busy locations, these buildings will not unlock the taxi in the UDI panel.
  • Similarly to the bus and the ferry, you cannot pickup or dropoff passengers.
  • Unlike some major U.S. cities where police cars and taxis use the same model (most commonly the Crown Victoria), here, they use different models. 
  • Like other civic vehicles, this car cannot be found under the vehicle panel in MySim mode.

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