tank is a drivable vehicle found in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. This vehicle can be obtained through the Army Base reward, spawning automatically around the area where the reward building is located. The tank is the strongest vehicle in the game, and it is the fastest off-road vehicle as well. In the game, there are two different liveries, one with desert camouflage, and another for a more green terrain. The colour of the tank, of course, does not affect the controls or stats of the tank whatsoever, and is only for visual appeal.

As with other vehicles, the tank will despawn if it comes into contact with any four of the map's borders, and it is also unable to drive into water. It also has the snap-to-road feature, found on all land-based vehicles. Also, you can complete various missions using the tank (which, of course, affects your Mayor Rating positively/negatively depending on the mission) or you can just drive around and explore the map.


The tank uses slightly different controls compared to a regular motor vehicle. The W,A,S,D or the arrow keys are used to control the tank, move it forwards, backwards, turn, etc. The E and C keys raise and lower the turret, while the spacebar or the left mouse button is used to fire. The < and > keys are used to increase and decrease the power of the shot, for example, full power may shoot up to 25-30 tiles away, whereas the lowest power many shoot only a couple of tiles away. Also, as mentioned above, the snap-to-road feature is available, and can be turned on or off with the shift key.


  • Tanks will never spawn anywhere but around the Army Base.

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