The Solar Power Plant is a power plant building seen in the SimCity series.

SimCity 2000

On cloudy days, the solar power plant will provide little to no power at all. On sunny days however, it is a clean and relatively cheap way to get power.

SimCity 3000

The solar power plant is similar to the one on SimCity 2000, but isn't at the whim of the weather.

SimCity 4

Cost: §30,000
Monthly Cost: §1,000
Power Generated: 5,000 MWh/Month
Very clean and safe power

The oil power plant generates 7,000 megawatt hours per month of electricity. Its maintenance costs are §600 per month or equal to §0.086 per MWh. It produces heavy pollution, has a high construction and monthly cost, but produces the most power of the initial power plants.

SimCity (2013)

Collect the power of the sun itself to give your city clean energy. By day, your solar panels absorb power. At night, they use power stored in batteries.
  • Cost: §33,000 Upkeep: -§145/hr

The solar power plant are more expensive compared to the wind power plant and also cause no pollution. The basic solar array takes a lot of space in order to generate a reasonable amount of power, while the concentrated solar array produces more power and takes less space, they however cost a lot of money and requires research through the University. The power plant only generate power during the day.

Like the wind power plant, if Cities of Tomorrow is installed, the effectiveness can be even farther improved by boosting power production by 200% through the Solar Power Amplifier, although this also requires 1,250 ControlNet.


  • Solar Power Sign: They'll see the sign. It'll open up their eyes. They'll see the sign.
    • Cost: §200 Upkeep: No cost
  • Fixed Solar Array: Bulky but cheap, these panels are the bread and butter of solar power.
    • Power generated: 12.1 MW during peak hours
    • Cost: §16,000 Upkeep: -§105/hr
  • Concentrated Solar Array: These futuristic dishes are small, efficient, and expensive. They pack much more power than the basic panel and take up much less space!
    • Power generated: 37.5 MW during peak hours
    • Cost: §40,000 Upkeep: -§320/hr
  • Solar Power Amplifier: Increases power plant efficiency but requires increased maintenance cost and a connection to ControlNet.
    • ControlNet usage: 1,250 ControlNet
    • Power production bonus: 200%
    • Air pollution rate: None
    • Cost: §40,000 Upkeep: -§500/hr