SimPeg was a website created by SimCity 4 modder Pegasus who originally had an account on Simtropolis. Like Simtropolis, SimPeg also has its own downloads section mostly consisting of Pegasus's BATs, as well as its forums section.

The forum consisted of CJs, modding, batting, Pegasus's BATs, site news, off-topic, and more.

Hardware Failure and Shutdown (2015)

It was revealed on July 5th, 2015, by the Pegasus Productions team on the Simtropolis forum that the SimPeg website, due to a "fatal board error"[1], had permanently been shut down. In this post, it was also noted that while a significant amount of information was lost in regards to SimCity 4 modding, PLEX submissions, etc, a certain amount of information was salvaged and uploaded to the STEX in an initiative called "PLEX on STEX"[2].



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