Possible symbol of SimNation

Para-Jan. 23, 001328448413

A single police station built in SC4. However small and insignificant it may seem, it's still a part of SimNation.


Another city, this time in SC3K. A whirlpool is currently occurring in this screenshot.

Plane Crash

A city, part of SimNation

SimNation is a fictional country in SimCity series, as well as The Sims series. The country is based on the United States. While no one has seen the whole it is certain that it exists. SimNation was first introduced by name in SimCity 2000. The official language for SimNation is Simlish, however in SimCity (2013) English language signs can be seen.

On some forums, the idea is taken seriously to a point where alliances are made and regions "go to war". However, it is widely only used as a way of describing the macrocosm of SimCity. SimNation is sometimes called SimUniverse or SimWorld. This is not to be confused with nonexistent games, or terms from spinoffs, such as The Sims.

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