SimCity (2013) limited edition
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City: Kalauii

Day 1


I awoke this morning with a feeling of excitement mixed with butt. Today we are moving away from this city, to a plot of land in the north. Our "wonderful" mayor has ruined this once fair place, overspending and overbuilding, then levying enormous taxes on the populace in an effort to keep the city afloat. Most of the lush parks have been shut down, now overgrown, and those grand buildings the mayor put us to work building have all had their doors closed.

The mayor likely meant well, but overspent from the outset, laying roads that were far too wide and costly. The layout of the town was haphazard, and then there were problems from then on with the utilities. We were all attracted by the grand buildings and businesses, the smell of the sea air as it wafted from the nearby beach, and all the problems of the city were kept from us as we toiled away. The rude awakening came in a one-two punch, when the water supply inexplicably trickled to a crawl and we learned the sewage was not being addressed. This resulted in many illnesses. We protested, but to no avail. The mayor then doubled our taxes and began shutting down important fixtures, including the Department of Education and our ferry system.

So a small group of us decided to leave. We bid our farewells to neighbors that elected to stay, packed our bags and our vehicles the night before, and all had a fitful night of sleep. We don't know what this new region will offer us, but preliminary reports suggest an area rich in coal and oil. Raylan13@fandom (talk

Day 2


We have managed to lay a small bit of road into our new town and are in the process of finishing the first residences. The road sweeps in from the main highway, and there have been a few visitors that have come by to take a look at our progress. Some have expressed interest in moving business here from neighboring areas, and we could certainly use it. For some reason people are looking to me for direction, so I have set the teams to work laying commercial zones. Later we will consider industrial areas, for everyone will need a place to work, and if the reports of natural resources are to be trusted, we will need a way to drill, mine, and eventually sell our products.

Judging from our last place of residence, layout will be extremely important. I have drawn up a rough plan of the city, with residential buildings placed near the highway, followed by commercial lanes, and then industrial acreage much further within the city limits. We want to present ourselves as family-friendly first, so the eyesores of the factories should be kept out of sight. A large circle should accommodate those industries well, though the roads will have to be improved when the time comes.

Soon enough we will have to find energy resources of our own. Right now our neighbors to the south have graciously allowed us to purchase electricity to power our homes, but there is no telling how long this will last, given our meager resources. I know at some point we will also have to lay the groundwork for various other services, including garbage and sewage. Those problems are for another day.Raylan13@fandom (talk

Day 3


By a large margin I have been elected mayor. I am elated, but loathe the responsibilities now thrust upon me. Little did I know just how difficult the position would be and the hard choices it would entail. Though businesses are booming and we have our first factories bustling away, we have also endured our first death. Young Mike Talbot fell while working on one of the newest structures. I'm told the ambulances from the neighboring city did not arrive in time to save him. Businesses will have to wait. We need a clinic and vehicles of our own.

Perhaps I am overreacting, but it seems we should try to be as self-sufficient as possible. To that end I have hired workers to begin paving the way for a solar energy plant, as well as a wind farm. Either way, we will have our own power. Given our funds, we will still have to purchase water from neighbors. I am also concerned about the lack of a fire department. We have many homes now, some of them packed closely together, and it would take little but a spark and a good wind to set them all ablaze. I am in talks as we speak to erect a station to serve our needs. We do not need a repeat of Mike Talbot. Raylan13@fandom (talk) 02:04, February 28, 2013 (UTC)

Day 4


The power stations were off to a rough start, but the people are happy overall with the choice of green energy. There were times we had several rolling brown outs as we attempted to construct and then power the solar station. Marrying this with wind energy has solved the issue, and now we are in the position to offer our power to others.

The clinic could not have been built at a more fortuitous time. Soon after its doors were open, a rash of injuries and sickness sprang up. No deaths, and everyone is either on the mend or back to work. We even expanded the ambulance fleet slightly, as more people than ever want a piece of land in this great place. The fire department was also created, and also not a moment too soon, for one of the restaurants down the way caught fire due to employee negligence. It did not spread, and the business is in the process of rebuilding.

More zones have been set aside for residents and businesses, and our factories are flourishing. Their only complaint thus far is the slight lack of workers. Hopefully the new acreage will attract newcomers. In the meantime, I've sent surveyors out to reassess the potential for natural resources. Raylan13@fandom (talk) 03:16, March 1, 2013 (UTC)

Day 5


There is indeed a large deposit of coal sitting on the edge of town. An added boon was the discovery of multiple oil fields down the steep cliffs, close to the edge of the water! We are already well on our way to tapping those resources, and it is with great relief that they were located on the outskirts of our now very busy city. In hindsight, it would have been far better to survey the land first and build accordingly, than suffer possible consequences of moving an entire neighborhood or two!

Due to the increase in business and community we have upgraded many of our roads. No longer do we have to bump along on dirt paths, but now we have paved strips that greatly increase the flow of traffic. Due to neighborhood wishes, a number of parks are also scattered around town. Coupled with the increase in business and industry, this seems to have lightened the mood considerably.

We are without a proper police department, and this seems to have some people on edge. There are certainly more than enough bodies to fill those positions, and with the influx of cash generated from the coal and oil industries, we will also build our own water treatment facility. My only concern now is the amount of power the city is starting to consume. I shall have to keep a close eye on how our green energy production is faring and possibly expand those operations. Raylan13@fandom (talk) 01:40, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

Day 6


Production goes well, as we struck oil again near the original spot! Thanks to one of our more educated citizens, Alexander Pisano, we also discovered large deposits of ore. As irony would have, considering my last entry, some of those pockets are directly beneath the heart of the city; not to worry, as tons of it also lies near our oil refineries on the edge of town, so there is no need for relocation or abandonment of that enterprise. Between the businesses and new industries, we have expanded residential areas immensely, spanning from the highway, all the way to the high hills to the south. Another swath has been carved for those interested in the oil and ore. Seeing as how the city now sprawls in almost all directions, our next project is the establishment of a bus service. We can upgrade the roads, but there is only so much we can do before every street is a traffic jam!

I fear I have not grown our police department nearly as quickly as some would like. Already there are a handful of protestors gathered outside the hall, picketing for more of a law enforcement presence. Their fears are unwarranted for now; there has been no major crime to speak of. Yet even petty crimes can evolve into something more fearsome, so I will heed their petition and hire more officers as well as grant approval for a small jail.

Pisano also suggested we open a trade center to better market our goods. It is a large-scale endeavor, but he assures me that every dime is worth it. Considering our oil and coal reserves, and the fact we use little to none of it ourselves, it makes sense to market the products as much as possible. Perhaps we will draw even more business and residents to the region. Raylan13@fandom (talk) 01:18, March 5, 2013 (UTC)

Day 7


Kalauii has exploded beyond my wildest imaginings. Where once we were a small town of perhaps one hundred, we now boast upwards of four thousand people. Our infrastructure handled the rapid influx nicely, and our power stations continue to hum along. We have lost but a handful of buildings to fire, mainly due to the small department we had. Engines have been increased accordingly.

I have not done anything entirely egregious or foolish, excepting the hastily chosen spot for the water treatment facility. I am embarrassed to admit that in my desire to be free from dependence on others I chose a rather… dry spot. The citizens were understandably none too happy, and we had to rely on other cities once again for water as the plant was demolished and another location was more carefully chosen. All's well that ends well, though.

Thanks to more road upgrades, businesses are expanding and growing. We even started having apartment buildings rise from neighborhoods a month or so ago, and now the main line is filled with them. Some of the citizens bring strange requests to the hall, as if granting approval for a block party is something that should concern government. I suppose I should be thankful; it is nice being able to ready the garbage service for the morning after. The citizenry seems divided on how we should grow from here. Some want to attract tourists, while others can't stand the thought of even a single high-rise.

Special consideration needs to be made in order to satisfy both sides. While tourism would be a wonderful thing, it also brings with it crime and other undesirable elements. On the flip side, however, remaining in our current state will only serve to hobble us in the end; for without business and industry expanding, our opportunities will not be as great. So for my first endeavor into appeasing both sides I have granted land for a rather unique high-rise to be built near the edge of town along the highway. At maximum capacity this would increase our population by 25%. Yet I have also set aside funds for additional parks and the cultivation of small plots of trees within the city limits. Raylan13@fandom (talk) 01:18, March 5, 2013 (UTC)

User:Sgt Frogman

City: Circle Town

Spark 2013-02-25 18-45-31

My starting region.

Day 1

For my City I decided to locate in the region Viridian Woods a large heavily wooded Region with nice rail links river links. The city I chose was City Giovanni woods as it is a very flat city providing plenty of room to build a huge city with rail links so I could hook in a railway station if necessary to bring in more tourists.

After loading the city I immediately set the simulation on pause and set to work on building my cities basic infrastructure. My basic plan for the city was to have a circular design with a big central circle road with rings of roads inside in the middle, with other circles for industry and commercial buildings and another for large civic buildings.

City day 1

My city after day 1

I set to work with enough money to build a medium density avenue leading up to the central circle and one other circle off the side where I placed my wind power plant with two turbines and a water tower. I was now running short on cash so I took out a bond of 50,000 and zoned my central circle to residential. Now I set the simulation to cheetah speed and watched a flood of construction vans flood in building all new low density low wealth houses shortly followed by home delivery trucks letting Sims move in. AdminSgt Frogman  25/02/1

Day 2

Pizza is a popular choice

My new commercial zone fast food shops proved popular.

 As soon as I loaded up the game for today’s play I was met with calls for hospitals and somewhere to shop, being  the tight-fisted mayor I was for now I ignored the cries for hospitals and whet ahead and build a commercial district knowing that could bring me more money thorough taxes. I went ahead and made a few circular roads for the commerce to go on and some groovy looking arcs in the corner by the time I had finished building this I was losing population fast due to the outbreak of a disease so reluctantly I placed a clinic in the centre of the residential area.

Yet again I received more moaning from my citizens something about the shops being on fire and them wanting me to build a fire station. After enjoying the light show for a while I placed a small fire station just outside of the commercial district so they could also get to the residential zone. The new residents that came took all the commercial jobs and where now demanding some industry and how can I deny something that brings me taxes. Forgetting the addition of wind I placed the industry south of the new residential zone with the wind blowing the fumes north straight into their homes.
Fires after building comercial district

Whats that smell...Oh dear

Today seemed like national moan day as they were now complaining of a garbage problem I plopped down a garbage disposal building (Landfill site) on the road to the industrial estate and moved the sewage outflow pipe next to it. My Sims seemed to finally be cheering up as for now there were no moans of fires deaths or garbage and I finally got a green smiley face representing that my citizens were happier.

Tomorrow I think I may need to do some improvements to the roads as I can already see some traffic jams forming during the rush hours and I would like to provide some education to bring some medium tech more clean industry before the pollution consumes my city. If you have any suggestions for my city you can send them to me on my talk page or this articles talk. AdminSgt Frogman  26/02/13

Day 3

Upgrade to city hall

Upgraded to city hall

Quite a lot happened today. The first thing I saw when I started playing was that my town hall was available to  upgrade to city hall which I did and added a department of education which would allow me to build colleges and a university in the future. I looked on the traffic data map and saw that that the main avenues were gridlocked; something had to be done. Using the new road upgrade tool I upgraded most of my medium avenues to High Density Avenue increasing the lane size from 4 to 6 lanes. Next I placed a shuttle bus terminal and dotted bus stops around the residential commercial and industrial zones.

Now there was starting to be some criminal activity and from past experience I know it’s best to place a police station before crime starts to ruin your city. At the same time I also placed a new fire station between the new residential zone and the industrial zone and a clinic in the new residential zone. I also placed a grade school which I think is equivalent to a primary school here in the uk.

At this stage I set up a medium sized industrial estate in the region to aid circle town so I could focus on improving its commercial and residential areas which it did as at this point we were beginning to get medium rise flats. The new flats were bringing in new residents but they didn’t look particularly nice so after adding a two patrol car lots to

Police station
the police station I set about increasing the land value to do this I added parks, sports facilities, nature areas and plazas, this did a trick and soon I was getting medium wealth medium density buildings. Again I checked up on my police and found they were getting good coverage and were stopping crimes but there were no new arrests being made after a brief moment of questioning myself I realised it was because the jail cells were full so I added some lower and some upper jail cells each capable of holding 15 prisoners bringing my capacity up to 40.

Tomorrow I hope to improve education and tech level and possibly get some high wealth or high density buildings. AdminSgt Frogman  27/03/13

Day 4

I had just started playing. I was watching my city grow on cheetah speed when unexpectedly my city crashed into darkness. I went into my wind power farm and extended the dirt service road and added three large turbines, thinking that would keep the power stable for a while, now the sewage pipes were overflowing as the outflow pipes couldn’t take it. Without the requirements for a water processing plant I only had one option: add more outflow pipes. I added four more in total.

My city was going nicely and I was making money; not huge amounts but a steady 6,000-7,000 simoleons an hour. I even saw some upgrades to high wealth high density buildings. But one thing that bugged me was that I still had low tech industry so I added a community college and a library. After letting the simulation run for a day, my sims were starting to get more and more educated until I started to see my first medium tech industry springing up.

Weathy casino

My wealthier casino

Gambling HQ

Now I wanted to start specializing my city. As I had no room for mining, I went for gambling and started off by plopping two gambling hall one with cheap rooms and nickel slots and the other with nice rooms and blackjack hall. I did this so I could attract as many low and medium wealth tourists as possible. This work well at the start I even managed to work my way up to unlocking the gambling HQ but I just wasn’t attracting enough tourists to make that 1,000,000 I wanted fast enough. So I went back into city specialization and into culture and added an expo centre. I have only managed to host two events: a motorbike event and a sporting event. I made a profit on both of these but still not too much.

Hopefully tomorrow I can build a university and get a high industrial tech level. AdminSgt Frogman  28/02/13

Day 5

Not much happened today I mainly just gave the city a chance to grow and expand. I have been getting a lot of luxury apartments and a few hotels popping up in the commercial area to house are tourists for our gambling halls and expo centre, which I have been keeping the events going and the amount of tourists visiting is increasing every time.

I managed to build a university but I don’t have enough educated students to enrol at the university to be able to add any specialist departments to start a research project. I am hoping that if and when we get enough students to add a school of engineering to the university In the hope that I can build a Space centre great work (although lots of the materials will have to come from other cities. The most interesting thing that happened today was actually when I was away from circle town and I was just building some more housing in “Housing estate” to get more potential students for the university when I was invaded by a UFO it didn’t cause much damage or kill too many people and I didn’t get an achievement as I was expecting but it was cool to watch.

Day 6

Not much happened again today crime is starting to take over my city due to gridlocked roads giving poor response times from the police and the fire service the main problem was the police.

My city was getting full of crime and the circle layout was causing even high density avenues to come to a halt. Unfortunately as I was manly focusing on commercial my city hall was not upgraded enough to add a department of safety so I could get a helicopter or a department of transport for street cars.

To try and counter the crime problem I built another police station and added four squad car bays. The new support still couldn’t help because the traffic was just not flowing enough meaning not enough criminals got arrested and the problem got worse and worse.

Clearly the circle was not working great for me after all my experience with the grid layout. It worked well at the start and kept the industrial area separate but when the city became too big when people were traveling to and from work the routes to the different islands was just not good enough.

As tomorrow I think I will be ruining the city I will post some stats of circle town. I will also be posting the data layer maps in a gallery at the end. AdminSgt Frogman  01/03/13


Simoleons 544,106
High wealth citizens 703
Average Approval rating 67%
Educated  sims 1,125
Crime level 23
Healthy sims 8,615
Sick sims 48
Pollution per hour 1,297,770
Pollution per capita 147
Crimes per day 15
Arrests per day 30
Criminals per day 98
Deaths per day  7
Building burnt down per day 8

Day 7

Today was a fun day I started off by deleting all the police stations in my city and watching the criminals start to take over they were spreading quickly and with 0 arrests per day there was nothing to stop them (apart from the traffic) killing any and every sim in the city.

Spark 2013-03-06 22-51-18

All these criminals were causing a lot more problems than just crime there were so many fires that the fire brigade couldn’t cope this wasn’t helped by the fact that there were becoming more abandoned buildings as people moved out and business collapsed due to the crime.

Spark 2013-03-06 23-03-34

As I was watching my city crumble a news flash came up saying zombies had arrived at my city this was all the better to get the city destroyed even faster. The rather alien looking zombies terrorised buildings mainly in my industrial are infecting other sims! But then day came and the zombies crumbled in the sunlight as a result of this invasion 65 sims were killed.

Spark 2013-03-06 23-46-14

Next there was another disaster this time a tornado ripped through my city luckily through abandoned and under construction buildings killing a total of 70 sims. That wasn’t it now a giant lizard came stomping thorough the middle of my city heading straight for my garbage dump where it burn and eat the garbage before disappearing under the ground. I finsished with 97 crimes commited per day and 217 criminals per day.

I during the lizard attack I actually had to take out a bond of §100,000 as now I was receiving over -7,000 per hour I had to take out 2 more bonds for a total of §200,000 once I reached §10,000 left then I used one of the two disaster I had unlocked AdminSgt Frogman  02/03/13


City: New Mombasa

Day 1

USER T3CHNOCIDE - New Mombasa Name City
The construction of my city will be based on the famed city from Halo 2 and Halo 3: ODST, New Mombasa, which was laid siege during the battle of Earth by the Covenant, but at the same time, was a shining example of humanities vast knowledge and advancements in science and technology. Over the next seven days, I will hopefully construct a technologically advanced city powered by clean safe energy and have a market dominated by sustainable technology, such as processors and computers!

After selecting my region and choosing a city area close to the sea - the closest I could get to Mombasa Island! – I quickly built a long road from the highway into the centre of my area, and plopped down a few residential, commercial, and industrial zones to allow residents and businesses to move in. Not long after, buildings were dotted around my city’s only avenue and I was permitted to constructed a town hall and name my creation; “New Mombasa” not a surprise there, being as that’s the name of the city I am copying! The first few hours were definitely the most testing period of construction. With such a small budget and income, I still had to supply a population which was starved of power, water, and hygienic services such as garbage disposal and sewage. After leaving my clock on cheetah speed for a while, and suffering a massive hit to my reputation in the city, I finally saved enough money to buy a small wind farm and water tower.

USER T3CHNOCIDE - New Mombasa Town Hall
My town was soon flourishing with this seamless abundance of service, and my population rapidly jumped from a measly 500 to 5,000! My city had finally made it into the small city status, and I was given the ability to upgrade my humble town hall into a much bigger city hall. And soon enough, the requirements of a growing population had caught up to me, sewage was backing up into the streets and garbage littered the roads – so much for a nice clean city! I was forced to create a sewage outlet pipe which literally pumped it into the ground outside, and then build a dumping ground with garbage trucks to remove the trash. This was the biggest pain, as I was hoping to create a city without creating too much air pollution! USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact

Day 2

USER T3CHNOCIDE - New Mombasa Grade School
The second day did not fair any easier for my budget, and the population’s requirements. My population had jumped up to over 7,000 residents, and apparently their children needed an education? Well, after breaking through the British/American language differences and finally discovering that grade school was the first institution of education (it’s called primary school in the UK), I plopped one down and waited for the children of the city to finally get their much deserved education. But this was the least of my worries, with more people came more power requirements, half of the houses in my city were without water and power as the growing industrial areas of my city were sapping all the services I provided. After carefully placing more water towers, I was left with an energy crisis to deal with. I couldn’t afford a new wind farm, and definitely didn’t have the space to afford a new one; so I had the next best option … expand the one I had!

USER T3CHNOCIDE - New Mombasa City Scape
I extended the dirt track behind the power plant, and added more wind turbines, to outweigh the massive industrial needs – at least I could remain contempt with supplying my city with clean energy, an improvement on the massive ground pollution being created by the sewage outlet pipe! With the services back on track, and education being sorted, my city was finally beginning to take shape; approval ratings were shooting up, and the city centre was becoming heavily populated by residential homes and commercial businesses. To ensure the safety of my residents, and prevent any further building fires, I placed a few more safety and health services by adding a fire station, police station, and a health clinic for residents to visit when sick – an increasing occurrence due to the ground pollution which was steadily growing. My population and city were beginning to really boom, reaching a population of 30,000; this growing population forced the city density to increase, and my city was beginning to fill with skyscrapers, pushing my city ever closer to that New Mombasa look!

With the growing population, and increasing pollution from low tech industries, I decided it was time to improve the education and services of the city – with my new and bigger budget. I placed a few more grade schools, a high school, and a community college, in order to improve the education of the city and allow my industrial zones to upgrade to less polluting and more high tech factories. Being mindful of this change in industry, I also placed a trade depot and ore mine to allow factories to ship their products and to build up some resources when I would finally specialise in technology industries.USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact

Day 3

USER T3CHNOCIDE - New Mombasa Industrial Germ Problems
Services persisted to be an issue for me, as my city rapidly expanded; water and power became an increasing luxury as space for power and water-pumping plants expansion became reduced hour by hour, and sewage fared no better as the streets of New Mombasa came alive with waste – due to a faultily build sewage system. My residents were furious, and serious reform was in order! After placing a few more water towers around the city, I temporarily cured my water crisis and waited until my treasury could once again fill up to build an oil power-plant; under the pressure and constraints, I realised that it was a lost cause to maintain a pollution free power source in a rapidly growing city with increasingly reduced space. Solar power and wind power were no longer viable, and I was forced to place my oil plant as far away from the city centre as possible (the industrial zone).

USER T3CHNOCIDE - New Mombasa Town Hall
A sewage treatment plant was now my only option for combating the growing germ problem, however with a strict budget and no room I was forced to do what any good mayor would do, I raised taxes to a painful level and destroyed hundreds of homes to make way for an industrial sized treatment centre (loving of me, I know …). With my services sorted once again, I made preliminary precautions and expanded each of my services; including more clinics, a hospital, several police and fire stations, and expanded my power, water, and sewage plants – this should keep my city ticking over for a while longer!

As the sun set over my city on my third day, I could see that my city was really starting to take shape, the central zone of my city was smothered with skyscrapers attuned to that of New Mombasa’s own buildings, in Halo 2 and Halo 3: ODST. My industry was beginning to advance to higher tech levels, reducing the amount of ground and air pollution created, and preparing for my advancement into technological specialization. With most my city self-sustaining itself, my budget rapidly matched the size of my city and gave me the freedom to improve an area of my cities infrastructure. So I decided to hit a little closer to home and build a university (I’m a student in real life!), and not long after my city was rapidly improving its education and tech level. USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact

Day 4

After three days of struggling to make ends meet with my city, day four resulted in a far more exciting and successful session. Following on from yesterday’s placement of a university, which I’ve lovingly nicknamed the NMU (for New Mombasa University), students soon began to flood into my city and my university’s seats began to fill. I flattened a few more area’s around the university to make way for future expansions, and placed a few dormitories in order to give my students a place to live and study – helping to promote my university student population to rapidly leap up to 800, and remain at this number fluctuating only mildly between 700 and 900 students.

With my head set firmly in the future, I decided to invest some time planning on the construction of a Great Works, such as a solar farm, in order to alleviate space for further expansion of my cities industrial and commercial zones – and even free space for my cities eventual transition to specializing in technology production. Needless to say, this project target was still a very long while off with each of the Great Works requiring an excess of 500,000 simoleons (at times reaching 1,000,000 simoleans!), and a massive amounts of resources such as alloys or plastic. In order to achieve these goals, I decided to limit my spending, and invest more in plastic and alloy production and storage in the future.

After a short period of time, my student population eventually leapt over the 1000 mark needed to upgrade my university, allowing me to expand it with a brand new School of Science. Giving me the ability to research projects such as the Great Works Solar Farm or the Arcology in the future. All I have to do now is save money and begin plastic and processor production – a goal that I will try to hit tomorrow! USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact

Day 5

Day five is proving to be more difficult than previously anticipated. Saving up the money required to build a massive complex such as a Great Works, or even the money needed for a processor or commercial technology plant is difficult to say the least! With rapid expansion of my city draining resources, and crime rates and building fires soaring higher and higher despite adding what appears to be an endless number of police and fire stations, achieving just 200,000 simoleons is an impossibility! Not least to mention the fact that I no longer have any room to expand and make space for processor plants, oil distillation plants, or even an ore mine or oil well. I was left with only one choice; out-source!

I decided to utilise the other city allotment in the Mombasa Island region to create a mini-city where I would outsource space consuming services such as water and sewage disposal. It would also allow me to build oil wells and ore mines, and processing plants to develop these products into raw material such as plastic and alloy for when I need to construct processors and computers later on. So began the long trip to constructing a city again … Luckily however, experience gained through creating New Mombasa, I was able to construct a city with a better infrastructure which was not as demanding as New Mombasa’s residents and soon had myself a small utility city for which my raw materials, power, and sewage treatment resided! To stick with the routes of this project’s original nomenclature, I named the city “Utility Zone” as if it were still part of New Mombasa, and merely a utility sector.

All seemed to be going well for New Mombasa, and the future was looking brighter. However, this was nothing more than a mere illusion, as soon after Murphy’s Law came into play and my clean and shiny city was made victim to what most would call a “natural” disaster; fire balls rained from the sky, destroying all that lay in its path. Whatever force controlled this hell fire appeared to have a pretty twisted sense of humour, as the fireballs all guided themselves into either my hospital or one of the many grade schools in my city … another day in the life of mayor!USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact

Day 6

Day six! I am rapidly approaching the end of this project and have progressed a lot, and yet, my goal still feels so far away. Today brought more progression in Utility Zone’s production of plastics and alloys with the placement of an oil well, an ore mine, and a trade depot to store my raw materials. New Mombasa was still recovering from its recent disaster, which had left it struggling to bounce back. With a tight budget and a missing school and hospital, my residents were constantly protesting at the lack of education and health; both of which were causing crime to soar.

Needless to say, things were not as simple as they were in Utility Zone. Its high crime rates, poor health, and poor education were all playing heavily on New Mombasa’s land value and population density. More and more people were moving out, attempting to avoid the upcoming crisis – I couldn’t help but think of New Mombasa’s evacuation during the Human-Covenant War. I decided to bulldoze a vast majority of the industrial area and wait the crisis out, until I could save enough money to prioritise my city’s specialization.

When I had reached a treasury value of a few thousand, decided that now was the time to make or break with city specialization; I plopped down a processor plant, and placed the accept local delivery option on. Back at Utility Zone, where things were faring better financially, I placed an oil refinery and a smelting plant to produce the plastics and alloys needed for my great works! The resource numbers ticked ever higher and I was getting closer to producing my final goal.USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact

Day 7

My last day as major of New Mombasa, and I intend to go out with a bang! New Mombasa was beginning to produce a vast amount of processors with the resources taken from Utility Zone, and I was reaching the crucial required number from each. All I needed now was to research the Solar Farm Great Works project in order to actually construct it, and then conjugate all the money earned by both cities to finally build it!

Both cities were finally in shape, I was on top of crime, health, sewage, fire safety, you name it! Without the constant need to waste money upgrading or improving my services, my treasury was finally beginning to grow. Soon enough Utility Zone was rolling in excess of 500,000 simoleons, and New Mombasa even more – everything was beginning to come together, and it was about time too. The money required to construct the Great Works was there, likewise with the processors. All I had left was the alloy, the plastic, and the university research – not that hard when New Mombasa’s university was almost at spilling point.

Trade depots make up the bulk of my city’s area with 3 of them in Utility Zone alone, hosting all the plastic, alloy, and processors needed for my Great Works; and Utility Zone and New Mombasa combined make up a total net worth of over 1.5 million simoleons. With my university’s research project complete, it was finally time to complete my 7 day project and build this amazing feat of engineering! I eagerly went to the Great Works site and hammered on my right click button to watch my Great Works finally get constructed. SUCCESS! I had finally accomplished what I needed to do as a mayor of New Mombasa! Which left me with one question; what now? As I gazed over my amazing accomplishments, I decided there was only one choice. With an achievement I earned during the early testing period of SimCity 2013, I unlocked the ability to call upon “Big Lizard”. So I did what any good mayor would do, and summoned this giant leviathan to my city and watched it as it turned to rubble what took me 7 days to construct, and only a few minutes to destroy.

Thanks for reading everyone, it’s been fun!USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact


City: CoD Wiki City

Day 1

I booted up Sim City and immediately went to build my city. I decided to name it CoD Wiki City after my home wiki, and because i'm incredibly uncreative when it comes to names. The first thing CWC needed was a residential neighborhood. I built two roads and simply lined them with residential zones, allowing workers to build some low-income housing. I put up a water tower and wind power plant to power the small town. I also built a coal plant, but after realizing I didn't have the money to run it, I had to shut it down. I built a dirt road uphill and down wind so that I could put a sewage dump from the town. Now that my nice little town had all the basics, I decided to name this small section "The Watercooler". It was like the forum we had on CoD Wiki, it was casual and basic but wasn't being used too much. Next came the first commercial district. I built it right behind the residential one. It was just one strip of road that was lined with stores. To my pleasure, all the stores instantly began doing well, requiring little effort on my part to improve their quality. I then built an industrial district uphill, near where the sewage outflow pipe was. I intended to try and keep the factories away from the main living populace, so as not to lower property values.

Now that I had this nice little town, I knew I had to expand. I built a second residential neighborhood a little bit away from the first, and this one immediately began to thrive in quality. Middle Class and Rich sims began moving in, building large townhouses and mansions. I built a school for the general populace, and placed bus stops all over the expanding city, which kept my people happy. The school quickly became overcrowded because the town was simply too big, so I just added on several new classrooms once I had enough money. I continued to expand the industrial zone as more and more factories began to pop up. At this time the original commercial zone began to grow too, the building became larger as the stores made more income. Because of the success I was having, I built another commercial district along the highway, expanded my residential neighborhoods tenfold, and built the industrial zone more and more. My expansion and success led to me being granted a City Hall, something I like to refer to as "The War Room".

Problems began to arise in the small town though. I had neglected to think of the basic needs of the people, such as health and safety. The town's size made it require several clinics to be built to treat the sick, and some of them needed additional rooms to get through all the sick people. Crime and Fire rates began to go up, and so I had to take out bonds in order to build several firehouses and police stations. The town was also becoming disgusting and wouldn't be easy to clean-up, so I had to build and expand a garbage dump. It was around this time that the power began to go out as well, but I luckily now had the money to pay for the coal plant's coal deliveries, as well as increase the size of the Wind Plant. I was approached several times by Sims asking to host parties or make bets with me, and I always accepted these offers. But because my city wasn't to capable at sustaining itself at this point, several of these side-missions ended in disaster. One of them, a fireworks show, even burned down a city block.

I managed to bring my city back up to stability and with a stable cash flow. By the end of my first session, I had already gotten a good feel for Sim City and what I had to do, and couldn't wait to expand my city in the future.

Damac1214 21:04, February 26, 2013 (UTC)

Day 2

As my city expanded I had to upgrade several buildings. I added extra rooms to the Schools and Clinics, extra jail cells to the Police Stations, and extra trucks for the fire department. My city was rapidly expanding and it was getting more and more difficult to manage with my limited services. I started building extra clinics, police stations, and fire departments just to manage it all. I also expanded my cities education system. First I built the department of education as ana add-on to my City Hall. Then I built a High School, Gymnasium, and a Community College. I had enough bus stops to cover the entire town, and my city was very happy with how I was handling education, which also led to upgrades in my multiple factories quality.

It was around this time that my City wasn't just expanding when it came to the services, it was expanding to incredibly large proportions and incredibly quickly. My original small town commercial district quickly turned into several high rise buildings. The small shacks that once populated the streets were turning into large and fancy apartment complex's. I was being pressured by my City's workers to build more and more residential space, expanding my city all over the available space. I upgraded roads to support bigger buildings, I built more roads to support more houses. The city was expanding so quickly it was pretty hard to believe.

Problems began to show themselves however as my city reached it's maximum size. My one wind power generator couldn't support the whole city, even with 4 turbines. I had to build around 4 more Wind Power Plants just to keep the city power levels acceptable. My water supply was also running dry, and I had to construct several water towers to keep my citizens happy, as well as allow the Fire Department to do it's job. My sewers were also backing up and could no longer support all the waste being pumped into them, so I had to build 4 more waste dumps to manage that as well.

Just as I was about to end my second day building my city, I was struck by a tornado! The first disaster I had encountered, this tornado ripped through one of my higher class neighborhoods, destroying everything in its path. I managed to clean it up swiftly however, and I'm sure my city was happy about that.

At the end of the day, my citizens requested I move in with them, which I did almost immediately. I plopped down my house in a relatively high class area, to the joy of every citizen in my city. But at the end of the day, it seemed that there just wasn't much space to expand anymore. I had almost covered every inch of this space my city was on. Maybe it was time to move to a new part of the region.

Day 3

Having to start a new city in the region, I decided to take what I had learned from my first and try and make this one better, but at the same time different. I chose a location that had a large mountain in the center of it, with flat building land on either side. I decided that I would make the city focus on Industrialization, and so I decided the left side of the area would be for residential living, and the right side would be for industry.

My second city expanded much more rapidly than the first. I now understood how to zone my cities, increase them in size, and make them more prosperous. I built massive neighborhoods, and used several of the resources in CoD Wiki City, such as the Police and Paramedics, to take care of it. The children of this new city also attended school in the previous cities school system. It wasn't before long, however, that my new city had gotten to big. It could no longer rely on the resources of CoD Wiki City, it had to have its own. Fire Departments, Schools, Police Stations, hospitals, everything started going up all over the residential side of town.

Over on the industrial side, garbage collecting, and later a recycling plant, were set up. Several sewage dumps had to be set up, but I eventually replaced them with a sewage cleaning facility. The industrial buildings themselves were even beginning to get much, much larger than they ever had in CoD Wiki City.

However, due to my new found skill in city building, the limited space because of the mountain, and the fact that I had completed my main goal of ending industry demands in the region, it became clear that my time with this new city was almost up. I had to turn this region into a thriving an powerful one. I had to take this new city, CoD Wiki City, and an even newer third city, and continue expanding them all to help build this region up!

Day 4

This new third city presented itself first as a bit of a challenge. I tried building a mixture of all three zones to make the city as profitable as possible. I quickly zoned off a residential area, a commercial area, and an industrial area far off in the back of the map. I had initially thought I could run the city using the services from the other two such as garbage disposal and fire departments, but my new city was growing much to rapidly. I quickly had to build as many services as I could, and too my surprise, this increase the land value of many of my lots. Massive Skyscrapers started sprouting, full of Rich sims ready to spend money in my city.

It wasn't before long that I had a fair amount of money saved up and a lot of special buildings unlocked for use. I quickly built recycling plants, water pumping stations, and sewage purifiers in my city.

The main big thing I did with this city was I tried to make it a bit of a Tourist attraction. The Massive Skyscrapers were making it out to be my first true big city, so I wanted something big to go in it. I decided to build an expo center to attract tourists, but I wasn't expecting the kind of traffic it would cause in the city! The city was literally frozen, bumper to bumper traffic going both ways. The expo city was a success, but now I had trouble with transportation!

Day 5

After all the craziness of getting this city built, now I had to deal with transportation. Traffic was horrible all over my city and emergency services could get anywhere. I started building every form of transportation I could in the city. Buses, Street Cars, Ferries, Planes, all just to cut down on traffic.'

I then started having power problems in the city, so to fix this, I took my large stache of funds and built a massive Nuclear power plant on top of a hill, complete with two reactors. Now that I had every possible problem with my city worked out, I decided to take a break in real life and make some dinner. I was gonna leave my city playing just so I could make money. I thought everything would be fine. I was wrong.

I came back and was greated by a message at the top of my screen claiming the nuclear reactor was about to meltdown. Not knowing what to do, I was forced to watch as the reactor went off and killed the entire small neighborhood around it. It irradiated a huge are, full of all types of RCI. I went to work fixing everything, as the Water Pumping stationg was also now irradiated. I had to zone new RCI and Build new industry, and keep the power plant going.

But then the worst possible thing happened. A Zombie outbreak! No, I'm not joking, a damn zombie uprising took place in my city. the zombies ate the residents of OVER 100 of my buildings! It was a ridiculous! Now my budget was in the red, half the city destroyed, and no money to fix it with.

The next day, I fixed it.

Day 6

I had to tear the whole city down. When zombies get into a bulilding, they eat all the residents and cause the building to become abandoned. Luckily they disappear by day, but that's beside the point. Going through every building was tedious and hard, but I had to do it.

To make matters worse, I was also dealing with the fallout of the nuclear meltdown in my city. I couldn't take the reactor offline, I needed it's power, but leaving it running was dangerous for the city. It was poisoning the water, it had destroyed RCI, nothing good was coming of it.

My city which had once been one of my greatest successes had literally crumpled and fell apart before my eyes. I couldn't believe it. It was destroyed, my budget was horribly in the red, -2,000 dollars an hour, and it seemed like there was no hope for the city.

But then I did the impossible. I took out bonds, I built new roads and transport, I built new services, I zoned new RCI, anything that would get my city rebuilt. I had too do it, I couldn't leave my city destroyed like that. I manage to get the city back up to a working and functioning point, but it was never back to the greatness it had been in the past.

Day 7

After several days of hard work, I had finally built a city in each region except one. I had a well built and well operating region, so I thought "Why not make this last one a super city?". MY plan was to take out some bonds to build the city quickly and with advanced technology in order to make it very efficient very quickly.

My plan back-fired. I went so far into the red that raising taxes and turning off every building couldn't save me. I lost lal my money. The city shut-down. I had utterly failed to raise a proper city. There was nothing I could do, nothing to help me rebuild. Except one possible thing. I had to go back to basics.

I returned to CoD Wiki City. My first city, the one with the most money. I upgraded it, continued to build in it. I had to make it better, I had to save my fail city. I continued building CoD Wiki City. It wasn't just my starting city anymore where I learned all the basics, it was becoming my tru main city. Skyscrapers were shooting up, every kind of school from Grade School to University was in there, every type of transport imaginable was there, it was well covered by Police and Fire departments. The city was shooting up in its efficieny and it's earnings.

And soon enough, I had more than enough to get fail city back on its feet :)

Day 5

It's time to expand the commercial sector some more! I've added on some high capacity avenues, right past the current commercial sector. Although I know that it will not be very popular, I am installing it now. At the far back now, I added on some more industrial sections, and saved up enough for the next important building: waste cleaning plant. This solves the problem with the ground contamination and the water towers.

However, to fuel this new building, I need to severely up my power production. I had already maxed out both wind farms, so I decided to create a solar farm. I built on 5 extra relays, and that quenched the power issue. I also plopped down another water tower.

I also worked on upgrading all the roads to at least medium capacity, so that traffic no longer was an issue, and bumped up the fire department 2 trucks. However, I was loosing money fast. I decided to raise taxes to 10% to satisfy the money loss, and made a cool 2,000 Simoleans an hour. I let the game idle for a while to build up for my next big thing.

Tomorrow, education is getting a real bump. With over 300,000 Simoleans in the bank, work on the new residential sector will begin, and higher education will come about.


City: New Bordersburgh

Day 1

Region: Bloodshot Stronghold

When deciding which region to select, it wasn't a hard choice. The only other region I could select was nearly empty in all aspects besides coal and oil. Choosing New Bordersburgh was the only logical thing to do. It's a plateau based region, with a low lying flat lands at the base of the plateau, right off of the highway exit.

Bloodshot Stronghold SimCity 2013 map

Before starting this town, I had experimented with a map to see how things could best be laid out. To say the least, my first town was a complete and utter failure. However, it taught me some very important things I know to avoid now.

My first goal, the goal for today, was to actually create the town. First, I created the residential area, found right in front of the highway. My first attempt showed me that designating area on a curved road for building was not an efficient plan. I ended up creating a 4x2 grid of low density roads.

My first mistake on the map came then. I had made a dirt road leading off from the residential area made for the industrial section. However, it turns out that the citizens were not happy about this, and their happiness started to decrease. I had to move the industrial sector up on top of the mountain that surrounded the low lands corner. This required me to make a medium traffic road up the hill to reach this, and the commercial sector. This will later impact traffic flow, but it was all I could afford at the moment.

The commercial sector was going to be essential for my overall goal, which I will address in a moment. I had designated the largest amount of land for the commercial sector, as I wanted the town to be business centric. However, for it to be successful, I had to spend the majority of my starting funds on setting up the industrial sector; for now, the commercial sector will wait.

I zoned my government and public usage projects area to be on the road that lead up to the mountain, and the public works over in the industrial center. I got sewage, wind turbines, and the water towers set up. With the remaining funds, and the sun quickly setting, I set up the town hall, and a library across from it, starting my journey to higher education.

My end goal for the town is to have maxed out education system and to have the Space Center built in the Great Works location, which will boost education further. I'm far from reaching this goal; however, day 2 will bring me closer to it. MadCrayolaz ®

Day 2

As I started on day 2, I immediately encountered a fatal error on my part. Since I had 1 road leading to the industrial and commercial sectors, traffic up the main road was horrific. I had to upgrade the road immediately to high capacity, but even then, it didn't seem to fix the issue entirely.

By now, I was getting garbage piling up at houses, and the citizens were getting angry. I added a waste collection facility, and slowly maxed out garbage trucks so I could manage the extensive garbage collection needs for the residential sector. Before I dedicated my funds to that, I expanded residential area to a 4x4 layout, and then built some parks at the west side so that citizens could have some recreational space.

And then the meteors struck! Thankfully, none of the buildings were affected, but the citizens were thinking of suing the sky, the news report said. This made me concentrate my funds on getting a fire station set up, so that when fires happened, which they had started to already, I was fit to take care of it. Sadly, that would require some large sums of money, so I first expanded industrial sector some more, as well as the commercial. I was up to making 500 simoleans/hour now, and the money flow was enough now to start to plan for the primary school system.

Once that was up and running, I started placing bus stops all around the residential area, so that it was all covered and I could start to raise the income class to middle class housing. But with the increase in intelligence, it meant I now needed to start to majorly expand commercial. However, I had to stop there. People were complaining about being sick, so my next priority was a hospital. I put this at the top of the ridge, so I could keep with the public utilities being on that road. However, the road was still not able to accommodate enough people, so I had to create a second road that lead through the industrial sector. Thankfully, the citizens were not offended by this, and traffic issues all but came to a stop.

My goal for tomorrow is to get education really flowing, and to take care of some icky business that just arose! MadCrayolaz ®

Day 3

The third day came with its fair share of issues, but I managed to pull through and sort them out.

When I first logged in, I found that the ground was being contaminated by my waste processing plant. This had caused the water tower that was nearby to start to distribute dirty water, and my approval ratings went down. I quickly remedied this by relocating the tower, but soon enough, the filth spread, and I was forced to relocate to across the map. Sadly, I don't have the funds to deal with this any better, so I let it stay is it is.

Crime had started to go up, and the people were getting mad about that as well. So, I saved up some cash, and got a police station. It helped lower crime, but it wasn't enough. I had to buy some more police cars, and that was an expensive ordeal.

However, now that I have my base for the public utilities set up, and was able to concentrate my funds towards school expansions. I was now making 750sims/hour, so I was getting a decent cash flow in. I decided to lower the taxes back to 8%, and people were happy.

With the troubles for the day behind me, I maxed out school space, and buses as well. I distributed bus stops all around, and maximized the happiness. At this point, I could now upgrade my Town Hall, and was able to add my first extension on. Instead of Education as my first, I chose the Department of Utilities. This allowed me to progress with the ability to supply utilities to the community, so that had to come first.

I ended the day with a request for a block party, and upgraded my garbage collection, making a cool 15,000 simoleans.

MadCrayolaz ®


City: Bridal Point


Day 1

The keys to the city sat on my brand new oak desk. While I have had previous experience in mayorship, it had been years since I was given control to create my own city. Back then (during the SimCity 3000 days), I would build cities, modernize them, and forget them for a new project. If one were to look at my past projects, you'd see I probably wasn't the best candidate for the job. I was ready for this, though. I'm ready to create a city and actually stick with it. No more hiking up taxes pointlessly, no more summoning of tornados and UFOs!

My city is placed on a beautiful, flat field. No hills, no water of any kind, the perfect building block for a typical city. I zoned out residential, commercial, and industrial zones, spacing them properly apart by roads. I decided to spend a good chunk of starting change on my power grid. I decided to buy a few wind turbines instead of conventional oil or coal power plants. Newer industry is always pollution heavy, and I didn't want to get ahead of myself by having to worry about pollution early. I stuck with two water towers for my water supplies. My city began to take shape with low density housing. Beautiful. I sealed the deal of my mayorship by plopping my Town Hall down. And suddenly, CITY!

Fast forward, economic woes! My tendency to space sections of my city out made purchasing sufficient police stations, fire stations, health clinics, and schools a major hassle. I was spending too much money to maintain  city-wide fire and police coverage. Building expansions of buildings (additional garages, jailcells, classrooms, etc.) were pretty much my only option to cheaply and effectively cover most urban areas. I'm pretty sure the game mocked me at one point by asking if I wanted to put on a fireworks show, for a $50,000. reward. 'It will set more fires'  the prompt warns me (which at this point, were already a severe problem). Without balking, I gave him the go ahead. I watched a few buildings along the block burn and reduce to rubble, but then collected my reward sum. Totally worth it.

I made the mistake of forgetting to plan where to place my city dump! For a while my citizens were protesting outside of my window because trash was piling into the city. "It was my advisor's fault!" I told them."Get off my lawn!" To appease them, I built a city dump on the outskirts of the city. To make sure it wasn't in anybody's backyard. Spacing was a bit limited, but for now location trumps size. 

Bridal Point. The city where dreams come true. Tell your friends, take a visit Doug @fandom (profile)•(talk)•(email) 05:31, February 26, 2013 (UTC)

Day 2

Some excellent news to wake up to! Turns out that my city has reached a new record of residents, which prompted an expansion of my Town Hall. It's considerably larger now, and looks to even support different departments once my city grows even further! Hell yes.

Today I tackled the sewage problem in the city. With my heavy spending on other sectors, I needed by buy cheap when it came to my population's sewage needs. A Sewage Treatment Plant was running a pretty hefty price, and I either needed to take out a bond or simply wait to build one. But I did not have any time to spare, so I had to stick with a sewage outlet pipe, which was considerably cheaper. Now, I probably should have been smarter and read the documentation, but it turns out that these pipes simply just dump raw sewage out into the water table underneath of the pipe. But, a mayor of my calibur simply didn't read the fine print. I saw the price "Oh, a measly 3,000 Simoleons, that's a steal, build 5!" I positioned by pipes near the industrial side of town, which was nestled nicely in the far northwest corner. Little did I know that this problem would be a serious one, later on down the line.

My commercial district had been lagging as of late, but boy, has there been a huge influx of housing developments! My zoning advisor would not shut up about me building more residential zones. 'People want to live here!' he told me twice over the phone 'The industry needs more workers!'. I listened to him mulitple times, expanded my residential neighborhoods, and was greeted with rushes of more people. The demand for residential houses did not seem to diminish over several months, and this was a double edged sword. For, I had to accomidate this growth with more utilities, and even worse, education. I built my first few grade schools throughout my city and laid out proper busing to reach all of the potential students. Finally, parents could rejoice with the prospect of good schools in Bridal Point! Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to expand my schooling system beyond the K-5 system. I hope none of the citizens realize that their 5th graders have nowhere to go the next year!

I took it upon myself to build some more parks around the residential area, including some BBQ Pavelions and a smaller Waterpark, the residents seem to really enjoy that, and I've noticed some nicer houses popping up along the block. Let's hope this trend continues! Doug @fandom (profile)•(talk)•(email) 23:31, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

Day 3

Ohhhhh boy, my population has reached a staggering 20,000 citizens! My City Hall has expanded and I've been solidly in the black for a long while. Time to make it even better! I decided to hike up my tax rates by a click or two. Now it's settling nicely around 11% across the board, the only thing better than money is even more money!

I decided to do a major overhaul on education since my city's 3 grade schools were starting to get full. I decided to pull in some resources together to create our first High School, complete with a Gymnasium. My advisors tell me that the added room for sports will attract more citizens into the neighborhood, which will surely help raise property values. The open land on my city has been diminishing rapidly with the onset of the residential rush. My commercial demand has been stagnant for months, but there hasn't been much complaining. Really, my city is being overrun by industry to the northwest and residences everywhere else. My population has been in a steady climb but I know spacing will be an issue.

I realize it's about time to start to address this spacing issue, and look into zoning more high density buildings. These buildings could help further push my land values up. High density residential buildings can hold more people, and housing more people per unit is much better than trying to continiously zone for space. I spent a decent amount of my budget on upgrading roads throughout the center of town.

Then came the approach to public transit! I upgraded the central avenue of my city into one that supports streetcars! The railline was arranged in a cool T-shaped fashion, forking at the commercial distrant and running down the length of my main residential neighborhoods. I built several stops to accommodate a lot of passengers!

I ended by day by building a few community colleges around my industry. By placing them there, these allow the tech levels of nearby industral buildings to increase, so they pollute less and are more efficient. I already began to notice some newer, cleaner tech approaching. 

The only issue though, is that sewage. I STILL haven't managed to put the money down for a treatment plant. I'll get to it eventually.... Doug @fandom (profile)•(talk)•(email) 01:01, February 28, 2013 (UTC)

Day 4

Alright, it might be a good idea to think about declaring a state of ewww in my city. The sewage pipes that I've placed since my city's inception have been bleeding into my ground water for the past several months. I did the easy thing and simply avoiding placing any water towers or centers over the dirty water. But, all of the time spent avoiding the issue has only caused it to explode. Right now, there is a collection of gross, brown groundwater that has actually seeped above ground. A significant porition of my industrial sector is completely covered with gross poo water. Welp, I should have seen this coming. But, sometimes being a mayor just fills your time up. Too much looking away.

The bad part about this issue is that currently, I have no idea how I can fix this. There is no utility structures or current technology that allows me to get rid of the accumulation of this pollution. There have actually been some instances of people getting sick because of the poor sewage treatments in the area. Thankfully, it's in my industrial section so I am receiving considerably less flak about my poor decisions. With my cleaner industrial tech, the only pollutants in my city are the one conventional power plant I built and these sewage outlets. I feel I can put this issue off for a bit longer, or at least look into researching how I can reverse the groundwater pollution.

I finally decided to take a plunge and build a university for my city! I unfortunately had to demolish a sizeable neighborhood to fit it snuggly. I pulled in two large dormitories to house more students. It looks like the university can be upgraded if it teaches a certain number of students per day. I decided to house as many as possible early on so I can easily expand. it didn't take long to build my School of Engineering. There are several other 'schools' withint he university that can be built and they all have their own unique advantages. One of them with the Engineering school is the vertical wind turbine. Which is a research project that I need to invest some time into. Hopefully by the next entry, it'll be purchaseable. It should drastically up the production of my wind power plants.

Check out a few screenshots of my city up to this point! What do you think of Bridal Point?

Day 5

I'm getting pretty ansty, I'm very excited to utilize my Vertical Wind Turbine but progress on its creation are coming slow, and along with it has come plenty of criticism from a lack of space. Remember a few entries ago when I was dealing with my zoning advisor constantly complaining about the industry needing workers to fill their factories? Well, not only has he been knocking on my door constantly, leaving messages on my answering machine, but whenever I try to get a moment's peace, the man has the audacity to yell at me that I'm not solving the problem! Hey Ted, ever heard of brainstorming?

Problem is, I can't zone higher density quick enough to deal with thee demand for residential. It's been months since I've seen any spike in demand for commercial districts, and industry has been lagging for a long while now. The only zoning that seems to have any demand is residential. This requires an immense amount of demolition in order to better fit more residentals into the city. Problem is, I simply can't take away the commercial and industrial areas, because then a brief spike in development occurs for the lost businesses. My only situation is to re-zone to a higher density, but some areas of my cities are very poorly designed on spacing, so large high-rises don't really have the space to properly be built. 

I had to completely rework the entire eastern side of my city, which at the time was a strange mix of all zoning types and was actually the oldest area of my town. I decided to throw caution into the wind and just clear everything out. This included destroying important utility buildings that I would have to replace. This unfortunately led to me spending a lot more money that I really had available. The entire restructuring of the that corner of the city required me to pull out some bond money. I went big and decided to get a 50,000 bond. I just hope I can keep my profit margins up so that the interest doesn't pull me down.

That being said, I'm excited what the future will bring. The high rises in the city have been more plentiful as of late, and I will focus on restructuring transportation to accomidate more public transit. I'm really happy with the streetcars and the bus depots, and will probably add a few other stations, terminals, and stops. 

Bridal Point has a population of over 40,000 now. Let's keep up the momentum Doug @fandom (profile)•(talk)•(email) 00:25, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

Day 6

I decided to extend my influence of the region a little bit by building a new city right across the river from my current city. This city would be nothing more than an extension of Bridal Point, and I would utilize it to the best of my ability to make sure that my main city would flourish. This secondary city was set up with bare bones equipment, and I decided to get used to making agreements between cities. I made the second city responsible for picking up my trash, as well as delivering coal to some power plants I've made. In the future, I'd like to expand this second city as a port to allow the shipment of goods from my city.

The good news is, my Vertical Wind Turbine research project has been completed. I demolished all of my exising turbine and replaced them with three new Veritcal Turbines. The output on my power plant spiked! This will allow me to start weening off of the use of coal, because my city is starting to lose much of its natural reserves. I can have it imported into the city, but that means I'd have to pay the global cost of coal shipment. Natural resources in this game deplete over time. So, the price will only increase the longer I utilize it. If I plan to cut out conventional energy early, I'll be dodging a bullet.

I decided to get on the tourism train for the next installment of my City Hall. I added a Department of Tourism which will make it easier to pull in higher wealth populations. Building one also lets you create various landmarks throughout your city, that will make it easier to pull in these populations.

I celebrated the day by hiking ip taxes on the wealther classes. I've let everything settle around 12% for the higher wealths, and 11% all the way across the board. I've gotten a little bit of backlash, but hey. You're living in Bridal Point, not Detroit! We've got a whole bunch of wonderful things for citizens of this city. They have to pay for all of those benefits.

The pollution has really started to get bad in the northwest corner of the town. The sewage problem has still remained unsolved and there is still no ways to really address this issue. I deceided to haphazardly place a bunch of trees around the really bad poo spots. This certainly makes things look better from my mayor's perch in the clouds, but I'd still not want to take a stroll around the area and be afraid to step into 'something'.

Population is sitting at a nice 50,000 right now. In my last day, I'm going to see if I can tackle that pollution problem. Wish me luck! Doug @fandom (profile)•(talk)•(email) 22:41, March 4, 2013 (UTC)

Day 7

Soo... bad news. Turns out I still have no idea how to solve the pollution problem. The polluted groundwater has been the biggest thorn in my backside since the start of this city, and it just seems like something that the population, myself included, has to deal with. I decided to simply forget about all of the issues brought from it. My own industry levels have been steadily decreasing anyway. Seems like Bridal Point is a place where people want to live, but not want to work.

I took out a huge wad of cash in bonds (100,000) in order to do a massive overhaul to my utilities and safety services. I've been supplying the city with fire and police protection by large amounts of small fire stations and police stations. Most of them don't have modules and seem like a bit of wasteful spending. I overhauled the center of the city to include a brand new Police Precinct and a large fire station. These huge buildings were something that I've needed for a long while. The added modules on them are the coolest additions. Including larger storage of jailhouses, as well as sirens that allow your vehicles to dispatch faster. I cleared out a lot of additional junk in the middle of the city, and before I knew it, there were high rises.

Unfortunately, the taking out of so much loan money actually temporarily put me in the red for several months. I had about a -$1000 drain on my expenses hourly, which really became a problem after I built all of these expanded buildings. I came very close to going under, but fortunately I adjusted my tax systems a little bit in order to cover things out in the short term. It causes some houses to abandon, but I remedied the problem quickly. 

At the end of this entire project, my city sat at a cozy 78,000 residents. High rises have populated most of my city now and seeing the view of the city in the distance has been a magical thing after all of these days of hard work. What lessons do I have to take away from my time with SimCity? Well, planning ahead really does wonders. Putting more money out early for utilities is better than to deal with pollution that might not go away. Do not be afraid to hike up taxes temporarily if you need a boozst on the economic side. If you're playing by yourself, feel free to create a subordinate city to your main city to better build the region up. A crappy city can always be redone with the help of a really awesome one.

And here, I leave you with some more screenshots of an early Bridal Point. A very, very successful city if I've ever seen one.

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