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SimCity Creator is the name of SimCity DS 2 outside Japan. It is also the name of a related Wii game. The game was published and developed by Electronic Arts. It was released in March 2008 in Japan and September of the same year everywhere else.

As in all previous SimCity titles, you must build a city in SimCity Creator. Unlike previous installments, there's a focus on different time periods. In Challenge Mode, you start at the Dawn of Civilization and work your way forwards in time. When you hit certain population or approval goals, you move on to the next period. As with other SimCity games, this one also has a Freeplay Mode. However, you're limited to buildings you either unlock yourself or trade for with a friend.

This game also has a connectivity feature. Players can exchange building information as well as pictures of their cities. Otherwise, players must play through Challenge Mode multiple times to have access to all buildings.


Please Expand.

  • Tornado (Only one version)
  • Fire (Extreme damage to buildings, no damage to roads)
  • Riot (Moderate damage to buildings, small damage to roads)
  • Hurricane (There are three versions, all of them can cause damage to roads, the first is fast and doesn't cause a lot of damage, second is slow and causes moderate damage, third is fast and causes moderate damage)
  • Earthquake (There are two versions, both can cause damage to roads, the first is long and doesn't cause a lot of damage, second is very long and causes catastrophic damage, usually eighty buildings are destroyed)


  • Dawn of Civilization (00XX)
  • Open Asia Age (1830-1870)
  • European Renaissance (1480-1520)
  • American Prosperity (1870-1930)
  • Asia Development Age (1950-1980)
  • European Industrial Age (1850-1900)
  • Global Warming Age (1997-2070)
  • Post-Global Warming Age (2080-2200)

Future Age (Post-Global Warming Age)

How to get there:

  1. In the Global Warming Era, you must get your approval to 100% - you do this by using "MONEYBAGS" cheat & rebuilding your city on a 9x9 or 12x12 grid system. For every 3-4 high density zones you must include a large park to keep pollution to a minimum. Include Airport, Seaport, all bonus buildings inc. Munitions. For every grid square include a public service 3x3 (eg Police, hospital, school etc). It is possible to reach a population of 600,000 quite easily in this way. Railway is not needed in this age. It should be possible to reach 100% approval by 2040. Let your population build as it must be at or above the level you hit 100% approval to progress to the 'secret' stage.
  2. Wait until 20XX, or 2070.
  3. Destroy as many of the large parks and tree areas as you can (but not the bonus big tree that evolved from the garbage heap you got in 1st ancient age)
  4. Pollute your city, at least should be polluted light/dark red (the best way is to put coal plants where some of the large parks were. Place around 7-10 coal plants depending on your original level of pollution on reaching year 20XX
  5. You must ensure that 70% or more of your map must be HD zones of any kind. You can ensure this by overwriting any spare zone space with HD Industry,
  6. You should get a notification within a game year or two. Wait for the pollution to spread. ("There is a new notice. Let's go to the mayor's office). Then, Maxis and Professor Sim will lecture you about pollution and "The future of your City". Here, you will be given an option to travel, like in previous ages - SECRET BONUS LEVEL!

Note: If you like your city, and would hate destroying it, listen to Maxis and don't go to the future. The future's storyline is that the ice caps have melted and the main goal is to bring down the pollution to nothing (through use of modified trees). All buildings and wonders are destroyed, except for the Big Tree, which can be gotten from the Garbage Dump built in the Dawn of Civilization.


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