SimCity 4 Devotion (sometimes called SimCity 4 Dev, SC4D, or SC4Dev) is a SimCity fansite, founded by jeronij. The site was launched back on November of 2006 with a few members then by early 2007 the site gained membership, especially after Simtropolis was hacked for three days. It has roughly 9,000 members and it is still growing.

The site features the "LEX", which is similar to the STEX on Simtropolis. The LEX features many mods, lots, BATs and other programs. The LEX does require that a user wishing to upload go through a scrutiny process where a group of players selected from the community will check the file over to make sure its properly modded and don't cause any harm to the end user.

SC4D is home to the BSC and NAM Teams, as well as many other BAT Teams such as ITC and LBT. There are many more who consider SC4D their home at this time and they have a respective board there.