SimCity 2000 Network Edition cover

Cover Art.

Simcity 2000: Network Edition is an online enabled version of SimCity 2000. It was Maxis' first attempt to bring SimCity online, however it failed due to poor sales and was discontinued in only a year. Due to the game being sold very poorly, copies are very hard to find.


After releasing SimCity 2000, Maxis started development of an online enabled version. In this version, up to 3 people can play via LAN or play online (by connecting to the host player's IP address), and share, co-op and connect their cities.

Playing online

Users can still play the game online provided they meet the very strict system requirements. 

To do so, the player need to launch the game and start a server to play with other players, provided they know the IP. When they launch the game, they can connect to a IP and the game can be played together, and vice versa.



The Simcity 2000 NE server creator

The gameplay is very similar to SimCity 2000. No new buildings or features are present. However, players can play online in a game of up to 3 people via LAN or IP address.

Players can share cities, connect cities and even co-op play in a single city. The user interface was also slightly changed in looks.


Disasters were heavily changed to possibly reduce lag in game. The are only 4 disasters present:


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In game, the 3 players can chat together.  


  • The game was Maxis' first attempt at online SimCity. The next being SimCity Social and SimCity (2013), which both released almost 17 years later.
  • SimCity 2000: Network Edition is also the only game in the franchise where multiple players can manage a single city through the use of co-op.

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