SimCash is one of the three main currencies and the premium currency in SimCity BuildIt. SimCash is used to speed up timers, purchase premium buildings, buy missing materials, or to buy simoleons.

In a similar vein to other free-to-play games, SimCash can be bought using real cash. The player can also earn SimCash by completing city achievements. Likewise, the player starts with 50 SimCash on hand.

The amount of SimCash required to speed up a production varies by time. Here is a table to show you the most common times.

The table is expressed in this format: S T where S is the amount of SimCash needed and T is the amount of time needed to complete the task.

1 1

3 5

7 14

9 20

10 25

12 00

16 45

17 50

18 1h

21 1h 15m

24 1h 30m

28 2h

30 2h 15m

32 2h 30m

36 3h

44 4h

52 5h

60 6h

68 7h

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