Sentinels are the basic infantry unit in the military in SimCity Societies. They have a high class armor. They are equipped with one Electrostaff, as their melee weapon, a thompson, and grenades. Their main enemy are cutlists, rogues, rebels, clones, and robotic soldiers.

They could be spawned at any Sentinel Seminary. They could be cloned at any cloning lab. There are only six sentinels that the player can spawn in a day, unless there are multiple seminaries in the city.

They could be transported around the city by Utility Helicopters from a helipad, or Hangar. They could also be spawned in an upgraded military base. They also serve as law enforcers during a martial law. They could also start a coup lead by a Sentinel Commander, or General. As the Mayor, you can control the military\sentinels, on destroying homes, demolishing businesses, and ruining the mood of the citizens. They are not part of your population. They could also kill criminals, witnesses, law abiding citizens, and even innocent children.

They could also be used to enforce transportation. They could use their grenades to bomb, or intercept strikes, and they could also help in construction, and work as an engineer. They could ruin your society, but they could also be normal citizens in your society.

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