Robot Attack

A robot ripping a city apart

This SimCity 4 disaster summons a giant version of the Servorobot you get in The Sims. When summoned, the immediate area is caught on fire due to it coming from space. It will take a few minutes to get control, then it will begin a programmed path to any place on the map. If the player wishes they can guide the robot to wherever they want by clicking the mouse. During the rampage the Robot will stop or drag slowly then throw to giant plates of food at a location. Anything the plates hit is flattened (trees/houses/buildings). Once the robot reaches its limit, (usually 2-4 plate launches) it will launch itself back into space. However, the disaster outline will still be in effect until the robot leaves. The robot leaves a tower of smoke which is similar to the Space Shuttle and Ballistic Missile launch.

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