Cape Trinity loading screen

Cape Trinity, a region from SimCity (2013)

A region is an area made up of cities. Players can trade with other cities in the same region.

SimCity 2000

In SimCity 2000, the player's city is in the center of the region. Players can make deals with other cities in the region by building roads on the edge of their city or by building an airport.

SimCity 3000

SimCity 3000 has the same concept as its predecessor but has been expanded. Players can now rename other cities and there are more deals the player can make with other cities. However, the player can not request deals, and if they are cancelled without the other mayor's consent, the city will receive a termination fee, which can vary.

SimCity 4

The player now has full control of the region in SimCity 4. Rather than focusing on a single city with neighboring towns, regions in SimCity 4 focus on the entire region at once, with players being able to switch cities at will.

There are three plot sizes in SimCity 4, with the smallest being 1x1km, medium being 2x2km, and the largest being 4x4km. Although this is no longer supported, players could also play a mutiplayer region via SimCityscape and were able to make deals with other players.

Regions pre-loaded on SimCity 4

SimCity (2013)

There are 8 different available regions at SimCity (2013)'s launch. Unlike previous games, regions are not customizable. The largest-sized regions have 16 cities and 4 great works. The other two regions, Cliffside Vista and Endeavor Island, are not available under normal circumstances.

The first region released post-release was Edgewater Bay which were added alongside Update 4.0. An another, Granite Lake, were added alongside Update 6.0.

Another four regions were released alongside Update 8.0 in anticipation of Cities of Tomorrow. These are Serenity Key, Rambling Badlands, Verdant Jungle, and Desolation.

Large regions

Medium regions

Small regions