The recycling center is a building that appears in most SimCity games.

SimCity Creator (DS)

Breaks garbage down and changes it to new items. It is very ecological, but it also adds to pollution.
  • Cost: §5,000
  • Durability: 75 years
  • Max Capacity: 45,000 tons of garbage/month
  • Dispose Capacity: 20,250 tons/month (at max usage)
  • Recycle: 20,250 tons/month
  • Current Disposal (with stats above prior): High.

The recycle plant will break down garbage into more money for building materials, produce some income, and be able to have its materials traded for extra money, prior to SimCity Creator (DS), there is no way to trade and it produces a lot of pollution, but its output is actually quite reasonable compared to most other garbage disposal plants.

Unlike most disposal plants which say current disposal, the recycling plant says "Recycle" isntead of "CurDspsl", hinting towards its usefulness in interchanging garbage into useful materials in installments.

Garbage in SimCity Creator (DS) will not decay over time, having one of these will ensure better output and easier usage for all disposal plants around it. Alternatively, the player can build more landfills when others fill up but this method is cheap and will eventually cover the entire map.

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