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SimCity 4 police chase

A police car is a vehicle found in most SimCity titles, although the drivable version has only appeared in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. Like its real-life counterpart, this vehicle is used by a city's law enforcement to respond to crimes and patrol the streets. Police vehicles will appear in your city near police stations, where they usually spawn from. 

Original SimCity - SimCity 3000

For the duration of these titles, cars and other vehicles were not focused on as an important part of the game. Especially with the older games, such as the original 1989 SimCity or SimCity 2000, vehicles were no more than moving pixels on the screen. Therefore, although police cars are assumed to exist, since they can be dispatched to crime scenes, the player cannot see the individual police cars themselves.

SimCity 4

Police car

Screenshot released by Maxis, showing a police chase in progress.

In SimCity 4, the police car is a drivable UDI vehicle. The car is a shortened version of the low wealth sedan, with a black and white livery, as well as a police decal and a siren on the roof of the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a police radio that cannot be turned off (this is the same with all emergency vehicles) and does not serve any purpose. As with other vehicles in the game, the player can choose to do missions, which may affect the mayor rating positively/negatively depending on the missions chosen. The police car has the most missions out of all the vehicles found in-game.

Since it is an emergency vehicle, this car can be dispatched to the scene of a crime, or a scene of a disaster such as a riot.

Although the parking lots of the police stations appear to be filled with police vehicles, they are merely props, and do not reflect the number of patrol cars available to be dispatched.

SimCity (2013)

Police cars have made a reappearance in SimCity (2013), with a more modern design. Like other games in the series, the police car will patrol around the city, as long as a police station or a police precinct are built. Police cars will also respond to crime by driving to the location and catching the criminal, which is then taken to the nearest police station.

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