These are the police buildings in SimCity 4:
File:SimCity 4 police buildings.png
Police Kiosk

This is one of the Police Kiosk Variants that can be downloaded. notice that the police car depicted here does not look like the usual police car when you build a regular police station.

Police Kiosk

(Rush Hour/Deluxe only)

No cars or jails. Sends criminals in other jails if possible. They are best used to stop petty crime waves in a district. These Kiosks are best to be built in shopping malls or Large Airports, as they are meant as Security Guards.

Small police Station.

It has a short range, 25 cells, and 2 cars to dispatch.

Large Police Station.

It has a medium range, 50 cells, and 4 cars/vans to dispatch.

Deluxe Police Station

(Rush hour/Deluxe only)

It is the opposite of the kiosk. It has long range, 75 cells, 6 cars/vans, and a chopper.

City Jail

It is there to increase police efficiency. It has 800 cells.

Federal Prison

It is a reward that pays 250 simoleons per month. It has 3,000 cells.

Placing this will cause sims to go on strike outside of the prison, and slightly lower your mayor rating.