"A large mythological creature, the scientist that were studying this creature are no longer here"
— A hypothical saying from the Ornithisarus Description.

The creature is lizard-like with a bird-like face (earning it the name Ornithisarus, meaning bird-like dinosaur). Like the Burgazoid 3000, this creature spawns beyond the actual map. The player can tell if the creature is close by looking where the screen shakes. Like the BZ-3000, it will stomp a path into the city, damaging and destroying the buildings in its path (putting damaged buildings up to 40-50 hours of repair). Once it reaches its intended target, it will stop a block away and "roar" fire at the target, destroying it. This occurs for other "targets" (2-3 estimated) after which it will exit the city the same way or a different direction it came from. Leaving a path of destroyed buildings, this disaster is considered very destructive especially if the player's city is all skyscrapers and or tall buildings as the Ornithisarus loves to tears down the skyscrapers.

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