The oil power plant is a power plant building seen in the SimCity series.

SimCity 2000

The oil power plant, while slightly more expensive than coal, produces comparatively more power and less pollution.

SimCity 3000

The oil power plant is similar to coal but yields more electricity, produces slightly less pollution compared to coal power plants, but is more expensive.

SimCity 4

  • Cost: §17,000
  • Monthly Cost: §600
  • Power Generated: 7,000 MWh/Month
  • Heavy pollution

The oil power plant generates 7,000 megawatt hours per month of electricity. Its maintenance costs are §600 per month or equal to §0.086 per MWh. It produces heavy pollution, has a high construction and monthly cost, but produces the most power of the initial power plants.

SimCity (2013)

Cost: §27,500 Upkeep: -§856/hr

The oil power plant generate more power and are cleaner than coal power plants. However, it has a higher cost to place and run. Oil can be imported from the global market, although it is more expensive compared to coal, or the player can extract oil from a drilling city. Generates 150MW per module.


  • Oil Power Plant Sign: This *cough* sign says *cough* "Dedicated to the Environment" *cough* *cough*.
    • Cost: §200 Upkeep: No cost
  • Conventional Oil Generator: Crude oil is used to convert water into steam to produce power.
    • Power generated: 150 MW
    • Oil burn rate: 36k barrels/day
    • Air pollution rate: High
    • Cost: §7,500 Upkeep: -§756/hr
  • Combustion Turbine Generator: Crude oil is burned under pressure to produce power.
    • Power generated: 150 MW
    • Oil burn rate: 12k barrels/day
    • Air pollution rate: Medium
    • Cost: §20,000 Upkeep: -§1,185/hr
  • Clean Oil Generator: After crude oil is used in a combustion turbine generator, excess exhaust is used to convert water into steam.
    • Power generated: 150 MW
    • Oil burn rate: 24k barrels/day
    • Air pollution rate: Low
    • Cost: §27,000 Upkeep: -§1,295/hr

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