Nissan Leaf Charging Station

The Nissan Leaf Charging Station holding 5 cars; the maximum limit

The Nissan Leaf Charging Station is a DLC building available in SimCity (2013), included as part of the DLC of the same name. The building is found under the power tab and costs 5,000 simoleons. Despite being located in the power menu, it actually requires power.

The building allows the player to make their Sims happy by allowing them to charge their electric car, the Nissan Leaf. It increases the Sims' happiness levels and is the equivalent of a park. Once placed, Sims will begin to drive the Nissan Leaf, resulting in less air pollution and a cleaner city. The charging station cannot be upgraded.

It is an example of corporate sponsorship within SimCity (2013), as the Nissan Leaf is a real life electric car and the only electric car in the game.


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