The News Van is a drivable vehicle, available in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. This vehicle can be unlocked after building a television station, and is one of the two vehicles unlocked there, the other being the news helicopter. The news van is retextured version of the getaway van, bearing a logo on the side (presumably the logo of the television station) and a satellite dish on the roof the van, useful for relaying live images back to the station.

Unlike other vehicles, the new van only has the choice of a bad mission, which will result in a cash reward once completed, but will also result in a lowered mayor rating. News vans will automatically spawn around the television station and will not appear elsewhere in the city.


The news van has standard vehicle controls, W,A,S,D or the arrow keys to control horizontal movement, and the Shift key to snap onto the roads. The space bar does not serve a practical purpose, other than to make a reporter speak in simlish. Similarly to the news helicopter, this has no effect on missions or control, and is merely for entertainment.


  • The logo on the side of the news van can also be found on the blimp (spawned around State Fairs).
  • Modifications exist to change the logo into a real-life television station, such as NBC, CTV, etc.
  • News vans will not go to report on disasters or drive around to search for news, unlike its real-life counterparts.
  • No matter how many times you press the space bar, there will always be a male reporter, never a female reporter. This is also seen with the news helicopter.
  • As with other vehicles in SimCity 4, there is no need to refuel the van.

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