The natural gas power plant is a power plant building seen in the SimCity series.

SimCity 2000

The natural gas power plant are cheap but as with hydro dams produce less power and thus require more to be build. For a fuel burning plant, they are very clean.

SimCity 3000

The gas power plant is a lot cleaner than coal but has half the capacity.

SimCity 4

  • Cost: §9,000
  • Monthly Cost: §400
  • Power Generated: 3,000 MWh/Month
  • Moderate pollution

The natural gas power plant generates 3,000 megawatt hours per month of electricity. Its maintenance costs are §400 per month or equal to §0.13 per MWh. It produces moderate amounts of pollution, it is a rather inefficient plant.

– Least pollution of all 'dirty' power plants
– Lowest cost of all 'dirty' power plants
– Balance of power output and pollution
– Low efficiency/high cost-to-power ratio (§0.13/MWh)
– Higher monthly cost than Coal

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