My Sim mode is a mode in SimCity 4 that allows the player to interact directly with Sims in their city. The mode contains three main features:

  • In U-Drive-it mode, the player can either free-drive certain vehicles around town, or try U-Drive-It Missions that can affect Mayor Rating positively as well as negatively.
  • Microphone tool: the player can click on any Sim with this tool to see what they think of local conditions, e.g., healthcare quality, education, etc.
  • "Move in My Sim" is a tool in which the player can choose a Sim from the basic menu [or choose one from The Sims] and move them into any residence in the city. The Sim will tell the player what they think of local conditions near their homes. The player can change the Sim's vehicle, and can move the Sim into a different home. The player can also change the Sim's job. The Sim will move automatically they are displeased with local conditions. Same with their job.

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