Polluting your city, one factory at a time.

The Muck Factory is a dense industrial building found in SimCity 3000, SimCity DS, and SimCity Deluxe iOS. It's one of the heaviest polluting dirty industries in the game and one of the largest. If any of the pro-Hi Tech industries ordinances is allowed, this building will be affected negatively (abandoned or stopped construction).

SimCity 3000/DS/iOS

The Muck Factory is built in dense industrial zones and is one of the heaviest polluting and largest(Ahead of the Petrol Plant and Armpit Central) dirty industrial building in the game. It sits on a 3x3 lot and tower over nearly every other industrial building. Its massive amount of smoke stacks(Total of 8) are the main reason behind its massive pollution output. It bears no resemblance to any real life structures.

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