Mining is a city specialization in SimCity (2013). Mining relies on the presence of underground ores in a city plot. This can be seen at region level, and at city level - using the relative overlay. Not all city plots contain ores, and those that do have differing quantities, so Mining may not be suitable for all cities.


Mining may be best paired with Trade. It should be noted that the Metals HQ "grows" going from several stories to a skyscraper. The requirements for its growth are the amount in cash of exported metal materials. Like Drilling, Mining has basic resources and advanced resources. Although, unlike Drilling, it has two basic resources, one intermediate, and one advanced. Advanced Resources are obtained through refinement, can be sold at a higher price, and are used as raw materials for the electronics specialization. Materials from mines can be exported from, or stored in the Trade Depot.

Ground pollution from sewage contamination and general pollution can affect the quality of ore extracted.


  • Coal Mine: Produces 24 tons of coal per day. Requires presence of coal on city plot and 7 industrial buildings.
  • Ore Mine: Produces 24 tons of ore per day. Requires presence of ore on city plot and 7 industrial buildings.
  • Smelting Plant: Produces 24 tons/day. Requires the Smelting Division at your Metals HQ. (Refines Ore into Metal and both Coal and Ore into Alloy)
  • Metals HQ: 96 tons of coal and/or raw ore produced per day. Can unlock Smelting Plant, Advanced Coal Mine and Trade Port (part of the trading specialization)
  • Advanced Coal Mine: Produces 96 tons of coal per day. Requires Engineering Division at the Metals HQ.

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