A military base is a type of building appearing in SimCity 2000 and SimCity 4.

SimCity 2000

In SimCity 2000, the military base is a kind of reward buildings.  When the city's population reaches 60,000 for the first time, the player will be asked whether they would like a military base constructed in their city:

Your nation's military is interested in building a base on your city's soil.  This could mean extra revenues.  It could also raise new problems.  Do you grant land to the military?  (Yes / No)

If the player answers "Yes", one of the following four kinds of military base would be built at a random place:

  • Navy Base:  A navy base would be built if the city has a coastline not occupied by development.
  • Air Base:  This would be built if the city is developed on a fairly flat terrain.
  • Army Base:  This would be built if the city is developed on a hilly terrain.
  • Missile Silo:  6 missile silos would be built across the city limits if the city is mountainous or has little land to spare.

All kinds of bases are built on military-specific zones and require neither fundpower nor water from the city.  They also affect aspects of the city like economy, crime, pollution, traffic, etc.  In addition, having a military base in the city allows player to dispatch military units in addition to police or firemen.

Once established, military bases cannot be removed.  However some air bases might leave out some zoned tiles un-built, and the player can de-zone these tiles for other uses.

SimCity 4

In SimCity 4, the play would get an option of an army base in business deals if the following conditions are met:

  1. The city's population is over 2,000
  2. City fund is §30,000 or less
  3. The city's fund is 40%, or less, of the fund 36 months ago
  4. The city's monthly income is less than its monthly expenses

When built, it would add §350 to the city each month.

Unlike the bases in SimCity 2000, the army base in SimCity 4 is ploddable instead of zoned.  The base would slightly boost commercial demand and increases the demand cap of industries, but lowers residential desirability.  In addition, the base would release slight radiation, and removing it costs §17,500.

The Army Base unlocks the tank and its associated missions in U-Drive-It mode.


In U-Drive-It mode, if a player drives a tank and shoots the base with its turret, the entire base will be levelled but the building's effect would remain.

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