"Meridum Maas is not just a river continent but a large Caldera formed many years ago when the moon was being formed."
— Scientist explaining the history of Meridum Maas at the Meridum City Museum.

Located on the tropical moon of Meridum, Maas is indeed in fact a large caldera formed when the moon was being formed. The last eruption and possibly only eruption caused major distribution of ash and soot into the atmosphere of the moon, sending more debris into the vacuum of space creating the planetary ring of the mother planet Tretris Oakutarui.

Colonized by settlers trying to escape a great war on the mother planet, Meridum Maas first to be colonized started off as a small settler's saloon town with a few neighborhoods here and there. Over time Meridum Maas's first city Meridum City became the main city for miles. It wasn't until later when that more settlers came to the moon's surface and began founding towns of their own. One most famous towns Riverton and Lake Creek both part of Lake Creek County began sprawling historic towns with night-time rides of the Creek River and air shows that come out from the nearby Boron Military Base. Most of Meridum Maas being in a thick tropical jungle is hard to found a city. With protection rights of the forest taken very seriously, finding a city being really hard, if the mayor was lucky to found a city, than they must follow a certain size depending on the size of land they deserve. If you were to fly over Meridum Maas you would not only see jungle but small towns of cities that represent country towns being isloated by miles of roads. If a mayor requests to build a city on Meridum Maas they must Contact the Meridum City Forest Reservation Bureau on 5th and Main Street in Meridum City.


Meridum Maas is currently divided into 7 counties, all of which are located on the outskirts to inside the Caldera. They are listed below:

  • Lake County
  • Meridum County
  • Lakeside County
  • Coastal County
  • Caldera County
  • Mininy County
  • Vermillion County

The more famous counties include Lake County, Meridum County and Lakeside County.

The Caldera

The Caldera that forms where Meridum City is in fact the largest caldera in the solar system able to fit nearly an earth inside, the Caldera was presumed to be an impact crater, but there were no signs of the impact crater but what they did found was that Lake Crook a body water NW of Meridum City was actually part of the magma chamber that gave away during the cool down of the planet. It was evidence that gave proof that Meridum Maas Range was actually a Caldera. When viewed from Alphnos Pass, the view reveals several sky islands and drops. Its evident that parts of the caldera gave away to erosion over the period years after its eruption. With in the years that followed, excessive rain fall created beautiful rivers that carved out steep mountain passes, one example the Creek River creating Alphnos Pass. When Meridum City was founded, the land which the city stood was unstable due to the ground still settling.

Meridum Ecological Assoaction

Meridum Maas is under the control of the Meridum Ecological Association, they combine all the towns in the caldera and beyond and connect hoping to protect the jungle moon from any more deforestation projects. The MEA is under the Galactic Republic of Tretris Oakturaui and is funded all solely by Meridum City. They control all projects that occur on Meridum Maas, the only city and or county that's outside the MEA is Port of Meridum and Vermillion County, which serves the only port and starport for the Moon of Meridum hence its big profit and size of the city.

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