"It rose from a single saloon town and just over 25 years Meridum City ignites the night sky with both a dazzling and annoyance effect to those that want to sleep"

-A Tour guide of Meridum City

Located on the Lake Crook, Meridum City is the capital city of the moon of Meridum, its sheer size isn't compared to the Port of Meridum a couple hundred miles away. With Lake Crook and Creek River serving its as its water source, Meridum City home to several associations and bureaus. Its tallest skyscraper the Meridum Towers and Casino dots the landscape with a prime of glittery glow. At night, Meridum City lights up the sky with a fashion of both finese and passion. An Arieal view of Meridum City from the nearby Cox Airfield reveals a twist bunch of roads and houses followed by a square/rectangular downtown with sprawling commercial roads following the main roads. Its industrial district holds all the pollution of the city from its Garbage to Power Planet to the dirty industry of 5th and Barren, the Industrial District powers both the residential and commercial with products excceding its prime.

Connecting Towns

There are a total of 5 small towns within Meridum City's borders, Mountside, Rayford, Lakeside, Meridum Military Base and Riverside. All the towns both provide the main city with income and tourism with their own attraction. All but Rayford have their own type of attraction weither its either a landmark to the city design that catches the eye, they all provide tourism for Meridum City. Reason why Rayford does provide income, its because its a small supply center town with houses full of people that wanted to isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle of Meridum City.


The city attractions followed by its Old Mercy Hospital to the Main street where commerence of trade happen and to its view from Mount Meridum near Mountside. The city's traffic is highly blamed on people that decided to use holo-phones on major roads, in return the city developed the Mag-lev Monorail system which travels along Main Street to South Culture Blvd and circulatingback to Main Street. This reduced traffic and increased tourism by 50% and 45% as tourist loved to see the city pass by them every time.

Ecological Association

The Meridum Ecological Association is located inside the Bureau of Bureacracy Building on 5th and Main Street in Downtown Meridum City, to see more info contact them Bureau or Mayor for more information.

Behind the Scenes

  • Old Mercy Hospital was named after the Mercy Hospital from Left for Dead 1
  • Meridum is mixed up name from Meridian given by its Prime Meridian
  • Mount Meridum was based off Lone Mountain in Las Vegas
  • Lakeside was a town name based off Riverside and Rayford in Left 4 Dead 1&2

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