Medical Helicopter is a vehicle found in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. It can be unlocked after building a Large Medical Centre. This helicopter takes on almost exactly the same shape as the news helicopter and the police helicopter, the other two "civilian" helicopters in the game. As with other UDI vehicles, you may choose to do missions, which may have a good or bad effect on your city, depending on who you choose to work for. 

Since the helicopter exists as an object in your city, you cannot spawn multiple helicopters, although you can get multiple choppers by building more than one medical centre.


This helicopter utilizes standard helicopter controls; W,A,S,D or the arrow keys to move and direct where the helicopter is going, and the E and C keys to move the helicopter vertically. To start up the engine, you must press the E key until the helicopter in in the air. The 'Space Key' is simply a miscellaneous feature; here, it activates the sound of medical equipment in the background.


  • Although it is technically an emergency vehicle, it cannot be dispatched to a scene of disaster, nor does it respond to disasters automatically in most cases.
  • Occasionally if there is a massive traffic accident, the helicopter will fly to the scene of the accident, although because it can't land (similar applies to all aircraft) it will simply hover, and then return to the hospital.
  • Like all aircraft, no matter how many times it hits a building, the helicopter will not take damage.
  • Only aircraft can leave the edge of the map without despawning.

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