Mayor Limo

The mayor limo is a U-Drive It vehicle available in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. This vehicle is a black stretch version of the civilian high wealth sedan, and this model is not available for Sims in My Sim mode.

The limo automatically spawns around the Mayor's House once you construct it, and will not appear elsewhere in the city. As with other vehicles in the game, it can be used to complete both good and bad UDI missions, which affect your Mayor Rating positively or negatively, accordingly.

Since the only way to obtain a Mayor's Limo is through the mansion, it is not available to the player until their city reaches a population of 500 sims. This, however, can be skipped with the use of external cheats found in some sites.


The Mayor's Limo uses fairly standard controls; W,A,S,D or the arrow keys to navigate the vehicle, and as with all land-based vehicles, the 'shift' key is used to snap to the roads (which, in essence, locks your car onto the roads, preventing you from leaving the road, and preventing your vehicle from leaving your lane without purposely changing lanes, or drifting into oncoming traffic). The 'spacebar' is used to throw money out of the limo, a function that is key in one of the missions, although note that the money comes directly from your city's treasury.


  • The voice of the 'mayor' in the limo will alternate between a male and a female voice, to prevent discrimination (notice how you can choose between a male or a female statue reward).
  • During a mission which requires you to throw money, you must hold down the spacebar, or else the game will not register it, even though the money will still be deducted from your city treasury.

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