The Public Safety Advisor

Maria Montoya is the public safety advisor in SimCity 3000. She informs the player about how effective police and fire stations are, and will ask for jails when they are needed. She will also complain if the budget for either police or fire coverage is too small, and will praise the player if they are over-funded.


"Maria Montoya dedicated her life to public safety at age eight when fire destroyed her family home. She graduated from the Cornwrath Police and Fire Academy with top honours. Her senior thesis, “Advanced Theories of Urban Geographic Response Route Calculation” earned her high public acclaim and her first job, assistant warden at Hollyview Women’s Prison. It was not long afterward that she made the move to city services, working her way up the managerial ranks. Throughout her career Maria mixed a no-compromise stand on safety with a dogged insistence that the Sims in her department have the necessary resources to do their jobs right."

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