Maglev station

A Maglev station

The Maglev is a type of mass transit transportation introduced in Cities of Tomorrow. The maglev is similar to the streetcar, except the track is raised above ground, as well as requiring ControlNet to function.

Maglev tracks

Connect your Maglev Stations with this track, — no one will want to ride a Maglev that goes nowhere. Maglev Tracks can curve like roads, but you're not limited to laying tracks above roads, so feel free to take Sims as the crow flies!
  • Cost: §25

Maglev tracks are used to connect maglev stations. The track can be laid down and curved like roads, as well as laying outside of roads.

Maglev station

Why should your Sims drive on roads, when they can be rocketed above them? Drop this station on any road to begin a high-speed, elevated mass transit network.
  • ControlNet usage: 50 ControlNet
  • Maglev capacity: 200 Sims
  • Cost: §15,000 Upkeep: -§250

Maglev stations are plopped above roads, and also includes a garage for a maglev train. The station must be connected to ControlNet and maglev tracks in order to be used, however.

Maglev invisible station bug

A known bug happens when in the same time the player places a station, the money goes below §15,000, almost always caused by resource imports. In place, there's no station, and a floating but working portion of track that cannot be destroyed whatsoever. To prevent this, the player must place maglev stations having a good amount of money.

This same bug seems to happen also when placing stations right next to a corner, usually in really short portions of roads. Avoiding placing stations in those places is also recommended.

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