This is a list of reward buildings and business deals available in SimCity 4 and SimCity 4: Rush Hour expansion pack.

Business deals


The Casino can only be built if Legalize Gambling ordinance is enacted, otherwise it won't be available. The side effect is that it acts as a huge magnet to crime, on top of the crime increase caused by the ordinance. While it does increase commercial desirability around it, the crime mostly negates the effect.

Federal Prison

The Federal Prison should be kept away from residential areas as it has a tremendous effect on residential (as well as commercial) desirability. However, it does act as a larger jail in case you need the capacity.

Missile Range

The Missile Range easily provides the most income of all the business deals. However, there's a chance of a misfire, which can hit the city and destroy several buildings. This makes it a quite risky business deal to utilize.

Toxic Waste Dump

The Toxic Waste Dump generates huge amounts of pollution, including radiation, which means it cannot be built anywhere near civilization since Sims abhor radiation. It does provide quite some income, though.

Army Base

The Army Base is another producer of radiation (even if not much). However it does have a slight positive effect on commercial desirability and, interestingly, increases the industrial manufacturing demand cap. It may be the most worthwhile out of all the business deals.

Reward buildings

Mayor's House

The Mayor's House acts as a large park in that it tremendously increases desirability for both residential and commercial population around it. It also has a slight positive effect on the Mayor Rating.

House of Worship 1

The House of Worship has a positive effect on residential population, so build it where your people live. Each individual House of Worship also raises the middle-wealth residential demand cap.

Cemetery 1

The cemetery's main purpose is removing air pollution. As it's free as well, there's no reason to not build it.

Mayor's Statue

Even though this has a slight positive effect on its surroundings, the main reason for this reward is decoration.

Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market provides a nice health boost to your residents and on top of that raises the residential demand cap tremendously.

House of Worship 2

Simply an another House of Worship, with the same effect.

Impressive Mayor's Statue

Another Mayor's Statue to build in the city.

Country Club

The Country Club, besides acting as a supersized park, raises the high-wealth residential demand cap.

State Fair

The State Fair doesn't have too many good things about it. It raises commercial desirability, but is a huge crime magnet, which pretty much negates the aforementioned effect.


The University is a great help to any educational system, however it is extremely expensive so you will not be likely to be able to afford one until late in the game.

Major Art Museum

The Major Art Museum provides a great boost to education especially for older Sims, however it is very expensive to maintain.

Radio Station

The Radio Station's main purpose is to raise the demand cap. It slightly raises commercial desirability around it as well.

Cemetery 2

Another cemetery for you to build.

Minor League Stadium

The Minor League Stadium is a huge relief for the demand cap. However, people don't like to live next to it, so build it in the commercial areas if possible.

Main Library

The Main Library is the average people's counterpart to the Major Art Museum. It's cheaper and probably more worthwhile to get (but still rather expensive).

House of Worship 3

Another House of Worship to build.

Magnificent Mayor's Statue

Another Mayor's Statue to build.

Disease Research Center

The Disease Research Center cause a boost to health. Its capacity is very high; however it will most likely never get very many patients so the capacity cost is negligible. It also generates radiation.

Opera House

The Opera House is not a good building to build. Not only is its maintenance cost rather high, but due to a bug, it will actually reduce education in large cities due to overcrowding.

Tourist Trap

The Tourist Trap helps with commercial desirability and also raises the residential demand cap.

Convention Center

The Convention Center is great to build in commercial districts. It also helps with the commercial office demand cap.

Television Studio

The Television Studio is similar to the Radio Station in effect. However, do not build it in your residential areas as people do not like to live next to one.

Cemetery 3

Another cemetery to build.

City Zoo

The City Zoo greatly raises the demand cap.

City Hall

The City Hall doesn't do much other than being decoration. It has a slight positive effect on commercial areas.

Resort Hotel

The Resort Hotel provides some jobs and helps with the residential demand cap.


The Courthouse has largely a similar effect to the City Hall, and isn't much more worth it either.

Bureau of Bureaucracy

Same here. Especially the requirement of a fully funded health and education system, which creates extreme additional costs, makes this not at all worthwhile to pursue.

Major League Stadium

The Major League Stadium is basically a beefed up version of the minor league stadium. However, it is quite expensive. Like the minor league stadium, keep it away from residential areas.

Movie Studio

The Movie Studio doesn't have much of an effect, but since it's free, there is no reason to not build it.

House of Worship 4

Another House of Worship to build.

Colossal Mayor's Statue

The last statue of the player for the city.

Stock Exchange

As its name would suggest, the Stock Exchange is excellent for the commercial areas.

Advanced Research Center

The Advanced Research Center mostly raises the high-tech industrial demand cap. Like the Disease Research Center, it generates radiation, so keep it away from residential areas.

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