In SimCity BuildIt, the first specialization unlocked is parks at Level 3. Unlike other specializations, better parks are not unlocked via other parks, but rather by level and/or population. There is no Department/HQ for parks and no red exclamation mark on the Services icon when a residential building is not covered by a park.

"Sometimes Sims need a break from busy city life.
Parks increase Happiness for homes nearby and boost Population!" - Park Advisor
Residential buildings not covered by a park will complain. Selecting a house outside of parks' coverage will show red text, "Build more parks!"


The following is a list of parks in SimCity BuildIt.
Size is the footprint of the building and the first number also reflects how many grid spaces of road it requires. For example, Row of Trees and Basketball Court have to be placed next to 2 sections of road, and Dolly the Dinosaur needs 3 sections of road.
Area column is sortable by overall coverage.

Name Size Area Boost Price Req. Description
Small Fountain Park 1x1 8x8 5% 4000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon Lvl 3 Beautiful shiny tiles and colorful flowers frame a simple fountain.
Modern Art Park 1x1 8x6 10% 5000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon Lvl 3 Post-post modern art for Sims
Plumbob Park 1x1 6x8 20% 140 Scbi-simcash-icon Lvl 3 Sims are drawn to the plumbob. What does it mean?
Reflecting Pool Park 1x2 8x6 20% 6000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 2000Scbi-population-icon Perfect for a quiet moment of introspection.
Llarry the Llama 2x2 8x8 25% 280 Scbi-simcash-icon 2000Scbi-population-icon A park for Llama enthusiasts.
Peaceful Park 1x2 6x10 25% 8000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 5000Scbi-population-icon Recharge your Sims' batteries at this lovely spot.
Urban Plaza 1x2 8x6 20% 12000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 9000Scbi-population-icon Tons of fun stuff for your Sims to do
World's Largest Ball of Twine 2x2 6x8 30% 300 Scbi-simcash-icon 9000Scbi-population-icon A huge ball of twine to hug.
Sculpture Garden 1x2 6x8 30% 16000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 15000Scbi-population-icon Nothing like the calming effect of staring at naked marble people.
Anchor Park 2x2 8x8 30% 500 Scbi-simcash-icon Lvl 3     
This park serves as an anchor for Sims' home cities.
Row of Trees 2x1 12x4 30% 20000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 18000Scbi-population-icon A little greenery to spruce up any street.
Soccer Field 2x2 8x8 25% 24000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 29000Scbi-population-icon Goooooaaaaaalllllll!
Jogging Path 2x2 8x8 30% 280 39000Scbi-population-icon A scenic route for marathon trainers... and masochists.
Water Park Playground 2x2 8x8 25% 400 Scbi-simcash-icon 49000Scbi-population-icon Little Sims will love splashing around in this fun, watery playground.
Giant Garden Gnome 2x2 8x8 30% 500 Scbi-simcash-icon 59000Scbi-population-icon Little park, big gnome.
Basketball Court 2x1 10x6 30% 600 Scbi-simcash-icon 95000Scbi-population-icon Great spot for a pick-up game!
Dolly the Dinosaur 3x2 10x8 30% 700 Scbi-simcash-icon 105000Scbi-population-icon A park for paleontological observation.
Tokyo Town Gate 2x2 10x10 25% 38000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 120000Scbi-population-icon A gateway to harmony.
Skate Park 1x2 6x12 40% 800 Scbi-simcash-icon 130000Scbi-population-icon Keep those hoodlums contained...
Sakura Park 1x1 8x8 25% 60000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon 180000Scbi-population-icon A great spot for relaxation.

Limited Time Parks


Halloween themed parks were added for a limited time in update v1.7.7 (Oct.20, 2015).[1]

Name Size Area Boost Price Req. Description
Spooky Park 1x2 2x9 20% 8000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon Lvl 4 If you are seeking something spooky.
Monster Tree 1x2 7x9 20% 32000 Simcity buildit simoleon icon Lvl 4 Tree which will fill your dreams with nightmares.
Pumpkin Man Statue 1x2 7x9 25% Scbi-golden-key-icon Lvl 4 Terrible Pumpkinman is here to spread horror.
Haunted Mansion 2x2 9x8 30% 10 Scbi-golden-key-icon Lvl 4 An old witch lives in this mansion and haunts the neighbors.
Graveyard 3x2 9x9 30% 450 Scbi-simcash-icon Lvl 4 The Halloween-themed Graveyard is here for those who dare enter.

Halloween Parks Gallery


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