Comic Book Store

A Shop that retailing to purchase comic books and baseball cards.

Art Supply Store

Art supplies and materials at the best prices is

Religious Book Store

A store that sells books about religion.

Book Store

A store that sells all types of written media, usually books and magazines.

Toy Shop

A shop that sells toys.

Hobby Shop

People That Need Hobbys.

Charity Shop

Shoe Shop

Those People's Who Need Shoes Is Fitting Your Shoes On.

Lingerie Shop

Clothes Shop

That Someone Like Jeans, Pants, Suit, And More.

Bridal Shop

Piano Store

You Could Buy Piano From Here But Also You Need A Piano Music Book To Learned How It Is


That A Person Is Not Healthy Is You Need is Medcine.

Perfume Shop

Craft Shop

Key Cutting Shop

Home Appliance Store

That They Buy Furniture Stuffs.

Home Furnishing Store

Antiques Shop

Music Shop

That You Use Instruments, Or Video Recorder.

Army Surplus Store

General Store

That Those Some Of Ingredients Liked Pasta, Eggs, Bread, And More.

Costume Shop

That They Make Clothes.

Barber Shop

That A Person Need A Haircut And New Hairstyles Liked Boys And Girls

Pet Shop

That A Person Liked Take Care Of His Pets.

Sporting Goods Store

That Someone Like Sports.

Electronics Store

When Buying A TV, Video Games, Phones, Tablet, Computers, Radio, Games Consoles, And More.

Video Store

That A Person Liked DVD's

Copy Store

Video Arcade

That You Buy Classic Video Games From The Store.

Record Shop

Who Liked To Record Liked Videos.

Jewelry Shop

Who Buy Diamonds And Watches.

Party Shop

Who Has A Celebration With Hats, Balloons, And Brithday Parties.

Flower Shop

That A Person Liked Flower To Put In Garden Or Inside Liked Roses But You Need To Buy That. Except For The Mayor.

Candy Shop

That A Person Buy A Candy.

Dairy Shop

That Buys Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream, And More.

Butcher Shop

That Buy Chicken, Ham, And More.

Bakery Shop

That A Person Buy Cakes, And More

Fruits and Vegetable Shop

That They Buy Some Foods From This Market

Grocery Store

A Person Need A Bag And Shopping Around Here.

Delicatessen Shop

Seafood Shop

A Person Who Is Chinese Is They Buy From Those Foods Liked Shrimp, Duck, And More.

Fish Market

A Person a Who Liked It And Buys It.


Who Buy A Lot Of Foods In Here

Air Conditioner Store

When You Don't Have An Air Conditioner You Need To Buy It From Your House

Liquor Store

That sells vinegar

Smoke Shop

Who Like Smoking And Buys It But It Very Simple That Smoking Is Bad For You.

Drug Store

A Person Buy A Bad Drugs In The Store.

Pawn Shop

Bait Shop

Fireworks Shop

When A Person Buy A Fireworks But Only If It Increased The Houses Or Celebration.

Hardware Store

Who Buy Some Of Tools And Get To Fix Those Things

Insurance Shop

Machine Shop

Scooter Shop

Who Buy An Scooter To Ride Around The Road Or From The Backyard.

Bike Shop

Who Buy An Bike To Ride In Sidewalks Or From The Road.

Motorcycle Shop

Who Got A Motorcycle And Buy It.

Car Dealershop

Who Buy A New Car For Their First Time

Luxury Car Dealershop

A Person Who Buy Expensive Car With It

Used Car Shop

That A Person Buy An Old Car

Car Wash

That A Person Got Washed In A Car

Car Repair Shop

A Person Who Need To Be Repaired

Gas Station

That The Car Charge In Fuel

Convenivence Store

When Buy Something That Has Foods,Drinks, And Newspapers.

Flea Market

Discount Store

Shopping Mall

A Person Who Going To Buy Some Things From Shopping

Strip Mall

Department Store

Stationary Store

Media Marketplace

Tattoo Parlor

Restaurants and Bars

Coffee Shop

People That Buys Coffees.

Ice-Cream Parlor

Kids That Like Ice Cream For a Those Who Sells It. But Only Mayor Could Sell Those Ice Cream Flavors.

Malt Shop

Burger Joint

That Those Fast Food Peoples Liked Hamburgers, French Fries, Sodas, Water, And More.

Sushi Joint

Pizza Shop

That Someone Eat Pizzas In House Sometimes They Delivered A Pizza Box To Ring Them. Only If You Call.


That They Drink With Those Cups.


Cafeteria Is Only School With Kids But In Police Station They Give Them Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner.

Soup Kitchen

City Bistro



Dive Bar


Munpicipal House of Pancakes

Services and Office Buildings 


That A Person a Leave The House And Go To Another Hotel.


Person Lives In Those Apartments That They Have 2 Rooms.

Casino Hotel

When Those Peoples Buy It And Give Their Casino Cards With Doors.

Concourse Hotel

Resort Hotel

That Least 6 People's To Live Here And Give Their Homes For 3-7 Days.

Condo Hotel

Boutique Hotel


That A Person Gives A Home And Lives About 2-7 Days.

Bed and Breakfast Inn

That A Person Liked In Here But Least At 2-3 Days.

Animal Rescue Office

News Stand

A Person Buy A Newspaper And Give What Happened After It Past Away.

Advertising Agency

City Morgue

Charity Center

Consulting Firm

Counseling Center

Tourism Information



Recruitment Center

Veterans of Wars Building

Plasma Center

Pest Control Center


Eyecare Center

Day Care Center

Kids Go To Day Care From School But If They Have To Learned This.

Youth Center


Modeling Agency

Art Gallery

That You Shows Some Of Picture And Liked Vintage Pictures.

Holotainment Center

Convention Center

Public Relations Firm

Accounting Firm

Market Research Center

That Restore Or Selling From Those Foods Or Drink That Had Expired Already.

Book Publisher Headquarters

A Book Publisher Make Some Of Good Books And Make Unreal Stories.

Game Developer Headquarters

That A Developer Works Here And Starting To Make New Games.

Philanthropic Organization

Banking, Trading and Financing Buildings

Home Security Trust

Loan Shark

That They Put Codes On Their Credit Cards And Give Those To Them With Saving Coupons.

Saving Block


That They Make Some Money And Give A Lot Time To Work In Here.


That You Play A Gambling, And Acrade.

Stock Exchange

A Stock Market Work With How It Going To Up Or Down Here.

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