Police buildings

Police Kiosk

  • Cost: 80
  • Monthly Cost: 40
  • No squad cars
  • No prisoners

Small Police Station

  • Cost: 250
  • Monthly Cost: 125
  • Squad cars: 2
  • Prisoner capacity: 25

Large Police Station

  • Cost: 800
  • Monthly cost: 250
  • Squad cars: 4
  • Prisoner Capacity: 50

Deluxe Police Station

  • Cost: 1,200
  • Monthly cost: 300
  • Squad cars: 6
  • Prisoner Capacity: 75
  • unlock requirements
  • City size: 41,000

City Jail

  • Cost: 2,500
  • Monthly Cost: 450
  • Prisoner Capacity: 1,000

Federal Prison

  • Cost: 0
  • Monthly Income: 250
  • Prisoner Capacity: 3,000
  • unlock requirements
  • debt/ low budget

Fire Buildings

Small Fire Station

  • Cost: 250
  • Monthly cost: 125
  • Fire Engines:1

Large Fire Station

  • Cost:800
  • Monthly cost: 250
  • Fire Engines: 2

Fire Department Landing Strip

  • Cost: 800
  • Monthly cost: 275
  • Fire Engines: 2
  • Firefighting planes: 1
  • unlock requirements
  • City size: 31,000

Education buildings

Elementary School

  • Cost: 300
  • Monthly cost: 400
  • Student Capacity: 500

Large Elementary School

  • cost: 2,100
  • Monthly cost: 2,000
  • Student Capacity: 3,000
  • unlock requirements
  • Resedential population: 4,000

Local Branch Library

  • Cost: 1,000
  • Monthly cost: 250
  • Books Available: 30,000

High School

  • Cost: 1,050
  • Monthly cost: 750
  • Student capacity: 750

Large High School

  • Cost: 7,350
  • Monthly cost: 3,750
  • Student Capacity: 4,500
  • unlock requirements
  • Residential Population: 6,000

City Museum

An "Automatic Radius" Building, this building provides sims a culture viewing of art. This building is required for a number of muesums + an education rate (estimated) to unlock the Major Art Museum.

  • Cost:1,500
  • Monthly cost: 450
  • Exhibits: 30

City College

The second largest range of Education radius, if added with the Highschool or Elementary school radii then your education will soar much faster including with muesums or libraries.

  • Cost: 3,000
  • Monthly cost: 1,000
  • Student Capacity: 7,000

Private School

(see gifts)

A reward by completing "Bring Little Birmingham to School" (close name), you can either get one of the 3 schools unlocked in the education bar or gifts bar. This type of educational building acts like a highschool radius but serves as both a Highschool and Elementary School.

Cost: 0

Monthly Cost: 0


(see gifts)

A reward by completing "Organs for Profit" Mission, its the largest range of Education radius, and provides ampule education to everyone that's near it.

Major Art Museum

(see gifts)

Main Library

(see gifts)

Medical Buildings

Medical Clinic

A standard clinic that's only 2x1, it has a small radius of health but if added to funding the radius will expand. If multiple clinics are added which radi's intersect the health overall the houses its covers will increase healht from Poor to Excellent over 3–4 years. This standard clinic does not come with an ambulance or copter, but plays a role in "Give Jenny a Hand and a Heart" mission.

Large Medical Clinic

This large medical hospital comes with an ambulance (needed to unlock other buildings) and a Medical chopper (a + Mayor rating mission and a - Mayor rating +60,000 simoleons mission) If you decided to get this building first it has a large radius (with the slowest time to health in houses). In the disaster, the Medical chopper will depart from the hospital and head to areas worst affected by the disaster like a real-like medical chopper would

Disease Research Center

By completing "Someone Slipped on a Llama Dung " Mission the Victim of the incident is a famous doctor named

Dr. Streptocockeyed (close name), and he is thankfully that he is ok and rewards the mayor by building a Diease Research Center in your center. This building has a small radiation (2x2) but it has the largest medical radius. On some occasions if watching the building you will see chimps and apes dressed like scientist (possible failed experiment) They will run around the area and then despawned. This building increases your chance for Mayor (if you have a failing setting for your city) and extend people's lives. This building does not come with an ambulance or copter just a large lot with experiments going on with chimps and apes running around on occasion.

World Landmarks


The Sphinx


California Plaza

Feneuil Hall

Coit Tower

The Living Mall

Tower of London

Smith Tower

Independence Hall

Palacio Real

The Alamo

Rotes Rathaus


Washington Monument

The White House

Big Ben

Hagia Sofia

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

The Statue of Liberty


Palace of Fine Arts

St. Basil's

Schloss Neuschwanstein

Gateway Arch

The Guggenhein Museum

The Taj Mahal

American Museum Of Natural History

Bank of America

Columbia Seafirst Center

Lincoln Center

U.S. Capitol Building

The Great Pyramid

John Hancock Center

Chrysler Building

Tokyo Tower

The Bank of China Tower

CN Tower

The Empire State Building


Toxic Waste Dump

Missile Range

Army Base

Area 5.1 (Top Secret)

Federal Prison


Mayor's House

House of Worship

  • There are 4 to unlock


  • There are 3 to unlock

Private School

  • There 3 to unlock

Mayor's statue

  • Can have 2


Farmer's Market


Impressive Mayor's Statue

  • Can have 2

Country Club

State Fair


Major art Muesum

Radio Station

Minor League Stadium

Cost $17,000

Monthly $120

Magnificent Mayor's Statue

  • Can have 2

Disease Research Center

Opera House

Tourist Trap

Convention Center

Televison Studio

City Zoo

City Hall

This reward can either be earned through a certain mission or when Neil Fairbanks mentions "A City isnt a City without a City Hall" window, by then which you can place the city hall anywhere in your city.

Resort Hotel


Cruise Ship Port

The Bureau of Bureaucracy

Major League Stadium

Movie Studio

Colossal Mayor's Statue

  • Can have 2

Stock Exchange

Advanced Reaserch Center

Space Port

Parks And Recreation

Open Paved Area

Open Grass Area

Small Park Green

Community Garden

  • There are 4 different types


Small Flower Garden

Basketball Court



Ranger Station

Small Plaza

Tennis Court

Medium Park Green

Medium Flower Garden

Medium Playground

Skateboard Park

Medium Plaza

Large Flower Garden

Large Park Green

Soccer Field

Softball Field

Large Plaza


(see rewards)

Farmer's Market

(see rewards)

Minor League Stadium

(see rewards)

Opera House

(see rewards)

Tourist Trap

(see rewards)

City Zoo

(see rewards)

Major League Stadium

(see rewards)

Power buildings

Power lines

Wind Power Plant

Natural Gas Power Plant

Coal Power Plant

Oil Power Plant

Solar Power Plant


Nuclear Power Plant


Hydrogen Power Plant


Water Buildings


Water Tower

Water Pump

Large Water Pump


Water Treatment Plant


Landfill Zone

Recycling Center

Waste to Energy Plant

Transportation Buildings


Passanger Train Station

Freight Train Station

Grand Railroad Station

(see rewards)

Monorail Station


Bus Stop

Elevated Rail Station

Subway Station

Public Parking Garage

Toll Booth


Small Landing Strip

Small Municipal Airport

Small International Airport

Water Transport

Passenger Ferry Terminal

Car & Passenger Ferry Terminal



(see gifts)

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