The famous Hollywood sign makes an appearance in SimCity 4

Landmark is a monument, building or structure, that reflects an actual building in the real world. Landmarks may be defined as natural features of the terrain that define it from other locations, or buildings that are so extraordinary by comparison to average structures, they attract regional, or even worldwide attention.

The landmarks that come with the game are based on real structures, usually to scale. The first SimCity title to include landmarks was SimCity 3000, and since then, landmarks have been included in every title, some new, some updated.

Landmarks require maintenance by the government; the costs of the landmarks vary according to their size and shape, but any costs are automatically deducted every month from your city's taxes. Through the taxation panel, you can adjust the funding for landmarks, but the lower your funding, the worse condition the landmarks tend to be in. Landmarks do not provide any jobs, but that can be changed with external modifications found through fansites. And simcity 4 modifications can add new landmarks.

Landmarks in SimCity 3000/Unlimited

700 Louisaina

Adler Planetarium

Alcatraz Complex East

Alcatraz Complex West

American Museum of Natural History

Arc de Triomphe

Art Institute of Chicago

Bank Of America

Bank Of China Tower

Big Ben

Capitols Record Building

Chartres Chatedral

Brandenburg gate

California Plaza

Chrysler Building

Independence hall

CN Tower

Coit Tower

Columbia Seafirst center



Dome Of the Rock

Eiffel Tower

Empire State Building

World Trade Center Tower A  (Destroyed in real life)

World Trade Center Tower B  (Destroyed in real life)

Landmarks in SimCity 4

Hollywood Sign

The Great Pyramid

The Living Mall


Faneuil Hall

California Plaza


Tower of London

Smith Tower

Coit Tower

Independence Hall


Palacio Real

Rotes Rathaus


Washington Monument

White House

Big Ben

Hagia Sophia

Jefferson Memeorial

Lincoln Memorial


Statue of Liberty

Gateway Arch

Palace of Fine Arts

St. Basil's

Guggenheim Museum

Taj Mahal

Bank of America

U.S. Capitol Building

Great Pyramid

John Hancock Center

Chrysler Building

Tokyo Tower

Bank of China Tower

CN Tower

Empire State Building


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