The user interface for SimCity (2013) is sleek, with a wide variety of selections available for players. Below is an in-depth look at the entire interface.

  1. RegionWallIcon Region Wall: Chat across the region, replying to and sending messages
  2. GreatWorksSiteIcon Great Works: Choose from a Solar Farm, International Airport, Space Center, or Arcology
    • Great Works can be initiated by any city once they have met the requirements. Cities must be connected to a Great Work to benefit from them. Great Works can provide power, jobs, tourism, and economic boosts to a city.
  3. RegionViewIcon Region View: snap out of city view to get a view of the entire region; Players can see all the cities and great works sites and get information about them.
  4. CityViewIcon City View: snap in from the region view above to enter the city view; from here players can zoom in further to focus on individual aspects of the city. The main selection tools players will use are also here along the bottom center of the screen:
  5. CitySpecializationIcon City Specialization: Cities can specialize in certain industries depending upon their resources. More than one specialization can be chosen at a time, as some of them need to be used together:
  6. TimeSpeedIcon Local time and speed: Shows the local time of the city and gives players the option to pause time or increase it by varying levels - Turtle, Llama, and Cheetah. Especially useful for generating income in a shorter amount of time or slowing time down in order to manage a crisis.
  7. ApprovalRatingIcon Approval Rating: This gives a visual representation of the approval rating that city residents give their mayor. Clicking will open up a menu that parses out the rating into Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. Clicking further will give hints as to what each category of citizens is happy or unhappy about.
  8. BudgetPanelIcon Budget Panel: This shows the current wealth of the city, as well as how much the city is making per hour. Clicking on this will open a large graph that splits all the money (generated and spent) into various categories for easy viewing. Taxes can be adjusted here (assuming the city has the correct building in place) and bonds can be selected.
  9. PopulationPanelIcon Population Panel: this shows the number of sims living in the city. Clicking this will open a chart that splits the information further into locals/visitors, low/medium/high population wealth, and history and details charts that also show workers/shoppers/industrial freight/students/homeless.
  10. DemandIcon Demand: this shows the demand of the various city sims in an easy to read format, splitting it into residential, commercial, and industrial. The larger the particular bar, the more zones that should be laid pertaining to that category. Clicking also brings up the zone tool.
  11. AllDataMapsIcon All Data Maps: In one click you can access all the various maps that are usually spread across many menus. There are thirty maps total.
  12. BulldozeIcon Bulldoze: this brings up the bulldozing interface, allowing players to select zones or buildings they want to delete. The right menu shows the number of currently abandoned buildings and rubble that need attention. The icon will also change to a bulldozer.
  13. SimTaskIcon Sim Tasks: Tasks that sims would like you to do, or those that you accept from sims, will be placed in the right side of the screen. These will revert to collapsed until clicked on.
  14. MovementControlsIcon Movement controls: Though players can use their mouse to move around the screen, this offers more finite control. It offers clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, as well as zoom capabilities.
  15. AchievementsIcon Achievements: opens the achievements panel. This displays all available achievements across various categories. Grayed out ones are those not completed, while completed shows with full colors. Note that some game features, such as disasters, are not available until certain achievements are completed.
  16. ChallengesIcon Challenges: opens the challenges panel. This displays any upcoming challenges, as well as the leaderboards for the current challenge and the top 10%.
  17. LeaderboardsIcon Leaderboards: opens the leaderboards panel. This shows the rankings of players against one another across a variety of subjects, including population, wealth, approval, etc. This is able to be filtered by friends, region, or global. A Headquarters tab also ranks success in specializations.
  18. FriendsListIcon Friends List: self-explanatory. Players can look here to select their friends or find new ones.
  19. OptionsIcon Options: this is where players can tweak the game settings, peruse the game manual, hit up the help center, exit, or quit.